The Friday Five!

1. I was so glad to hear from so many other Chris Cuomo Crushers after I wrote my entry all about him on Wednesday. I knew I wasn’t alone, but it’s nice to have peeps. Anyway, I’d kind of forgotten about the whole thing until yesterday morning, when at 5:55 am my phone beeped to tell me I had a text. I immediately panicked, thinking someone was in the hospital or jail. And, because the only people who ever text me are my babysitters, I was convinced it was one of them. (Although they are sweet girls and would not get arrested. I don’t think so, anyway.) I picked up my phone, looked at the text and…it was from Chris Cuomo. He was thanking me for my nice entry. OH MY GOD! Apparently my Twitter settings were such that if someone I follow sends me a direct message, I get a text. My husband, groggy with sleep, said, “Who’s texting you?” and I just giggled and said, “Chris Cuomo.” He TOTALLY did not believe me. I think he still doesn’t. But seriously, it made my day.

2. In other news, a week from tomorrow I’ll be heading off to my first conference in AGES, NCTE in Philadelphia. I always love NCTE, because the teachers and librarians are so cool, and there’s the ALAN conference, and when you come home it’s time for Thanksgiving. Anyway, here’s my schedule while I’m there, so if you’re attending, come say hello:
11/21, Saturday

1:15 Author Strand presentation
with Michelle Kwansey
Convention Center room 103A

3pm Signing at Penguin Booth, #318

11/22 Sunday
9:00 am Chester County Book & Music Company Author Breakfast
Chester County Books, West Chester PA (I don’t know much about this event, so call the bookstore to get details)

1:00 “A Novel Idea” Teen Event for Philadelphia Free Library at Children’s Book World
Children’s Book World
Haverford, PA
(Ditto for this one, call the bookstore to find out more)

11/23 Monday

8:50 am ALAN panel with Deb Caletti, Todd Strasser and Adrian Fogelin

Then I come home and commence eating turkey and mashed potatoes for the next week. YUM!

3. I have been hesitant to write much about Friday Night Lights and the new season here, as I have so many friends without DirecTV who are angry they have to wait to see it. But can I just say that again and again, in these first three episodes, I’ve been SO inspired by some of the writing on this show. They might be talking about keeping at football, and trying hard on the field, and all that, but it can apply to just about anything you want to do, and do well. I am always up for more motivation, but especially when I’m writing. Thank you, Coach Taylor. I’m listening, I promise.

4. My daughter, as I write this, is trying to negotiate with me. It’s time for her to go upstairs and read books and have some quiet time, and she’s pulling out every stop to avoid it. She needs more cereal. She needs more time to play down here. She’s eating her grapes. Her new favorite thing to say to me: “Just ONE more minute.” It’s like dealing with a used car salesman, but constantly, day in and day out. On the flip side, it is helping me with my assertiveness skills. She’s good at her no, but I’m getting better at mine at the same time. Parenting is ALL about looking for the bright side, isn’t it?

5. Finally, it’s been raining her for two full days now, and I’m starting to go a bit nuts. We’ve had this storm just sitting over us, dumping rain and wind, and all I want to do is sleep and eat, and repeat. A few weeks back, my husband bought some microwave popcorn from a bunch of boy scouts outside of Lowe’s. (He’s that kind of person: he will ALWAYS buy what someone is peddling for charity, especially if it’s kids. He’s also the guy who always gets roped in by those people who work in the kiosks in the middle of the mall, approaching you aggressively with hair extensions or manicure sticks or facial creams. I can’t tell you how many of those things I have gotten for gift giving occasions. But I guess it’s better to be married to someone so nice than not, right?) Anyway, he bought this popcorn, for a good cause, and we started eating some in the evenings. A bad habit to get into, because it’s REALLY hard to break. Luckily, the popcorn was not that good, so we could kind of control ourselves. But then, my friend Dana was over, and said, “Oh, you should buy some Pop Secret Homestyle. It’s the best.” I am totally suggestible, especially when it comes to grocery shopping. So I bought a box, and OH MY GOD. She was not kidding. This popcorn is like NIRVANA. I wish I had never tried it, because I can see it becoming a nightly habit. Or maybe just eating it for meals, instead of cooking. Perhaps if it stops raining and the sun comes out, I’ll give up my popcorn habit. Until then, no promises. Mother Nature, it’s your call.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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