After about four straight days of rain and wind, the sun finally returned to us here this weekend. It was SO nice. My rain gauge was overflowing, it had gotten such a workout. And while I know it’s good for my garden—we’ve got baby bok choy and a bunch of greens coming in—it is not so great for my mental state. I was feeling soggy both literally and figuratively. It’s nice to be drying out, so to speak.

In other news, we’re coming to the end of both Project Runway AND Top Chef, my two favorite reality shows (and really, the only ones I watch any more. Until Rock of Love returns. I mean, I am only human, and I am here for Brett. But I digress.). Both TC and PR have been really good this season. And Top Chef makes me want to cook, which is a nice benefit. Project Runway just makes me want to shop, which is…well, not so good. I’m kind of on a self-imposed restriction right now. We’ll see how long it lasts. Anyway, I’m trying to figure out my favorites for the finales, which is tough. On PR, I really like Carole Hannah, and even more since she got a nasty stomach virus and STILL kept working. I also like Althea. On Top Chef, we have been all about Jennifer for weeks now, but she seems to have lost her confidence. Which I can totally relate to. What she needs is a little pep talk from Coach Taylor. Jennifer, if you are reading this—and I really doubt you are—you should pop over to YouTube and look for some vintage Taylor clips. He will talk you back around. Trust me! I do it all the time.

Also, just days before I leave for NCTE, my camera has died. My brand NEW camera, the same one I lost and then miraculously found. I’m beginning to think, though, after the loss and now the breaking down, that maybe our relationship was just not meant to be. It’s such a cool camera, this thin, red, sleek thing. It’s like I was dating above myself, and holding onto this guy is more trouble than it’s worth. What I need is a big, clunky camera my daughter can drop on the floor, all practicality. It’s good to realize these things. I am a dork. I need a dorky camera. Maybe I’ll add a neck strap just for emphasis.

Finally, a Coco update. She’s doing well, pretty much totally recovered, which is great. She is also, however, on so many freaking medications it’s ridiculous. When we went to the vet last week they added TWO more—Zantac and a digestive drug—so now she’s taking phenobarbital (for seizures) an antibiotic (for the pneumonia she got at the vet) and these two new ones. It’s crazy. We practically need a part-time nurse to keep up with it all. Also, I am somewhat concerned that one of this new drugs is making her more hyper than ever. I mean, she’s always been a nervous, yappy kind of dog, but GOOD LORD. She’s like a whirling dervish these days. Poor Monkey is just running from her because she won’t leave him alone. I guess another call to the vet is in order. Maybe I’ll ask the nurse to do it.

Have a great day, everyone!

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