First and foremost, a correction: my event at Chester County Books on Sunday, the 22nd, is at 9am, NOT 9:30. Whoops! And for those of you who asked, the events at NCTE on Friday and Monday are open to attendees of the conference ONLY. However, the events on Saturday are open to the public. For a full—and hopefully all correct—list of what I’m doing where, check out my appearances page.

Clearly, I am trying to do too many things at once. That’s when I make mistakes. Witness what happened to me at the co-op in Carrboro yesterday, when I put the wrong PLU on a bag of bran muffins. The woman at the register looked at the bag, then at me. “I think you have the wrong code on here,” she said. She seemed really disappointed in me. “You reversed some digits.” I looked at the bag, and my squirming toddler in the cart, who I was trying to calm while juggling my own cup of coffee, and said, “Oh, sorry. It’s bran muffins.” She said, “I guess you have a bit of dyslexia this morning.” I just looked at her: there were no words. I’d been up since 5:45! It was just two numbers! Honestly! Nothing like being scolded by a hippie. Oh, well. It WAS my mistake.

On a related note, Dear Whole Foods, I love you. From, Sarah.

You know who doesn’t make mistakes like these? Laurie Halse Anderson, that’s who. Luckily, we do have other things in common. Like the fact that we are BOTH in the process of getting brand new spaces to write, built by our awesome carpenter husbands (we also share that: writers and carpenters are a good match, apparently. At least, that’s my experience). Anyway, Laurie’s writing cottage is TOTALLY awesome. You can get the whole story by watching this super cool video she posted here.

I don’t have a video—I can’t even get my PLU right!—but I do have a couple of new pics from my still-in-progress office. The electrician is currently putting in the switches and fans and light fixtures, and the painters are done! Check it out:

Here’s the main room, with the apricot/terra cotta color.

This the conference room. So Parker and I don’t have to meet at Whole Foods or in our spare room, on the floor, anymore!

The stairs leading UP to my room, where you can see the blue we picked for the rest of the garage. Ahhhhh….soothing. The blue is also in the bathroom.

We still have to get the carpet in, the cabinets, and a bunch of other stuff. Finally, though, it doesn’t feel so premature to start weeding out and boxing things up for the move over. And that is so nice, as I love anything that involves buying containers and organizing them. I might be PLU challenged, but I can ROCK my labelmaker. Step back, hippies!

Have a great day, everyone!

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