The Friday Five!

1. Tomorrow, I leave for Philadelphia and NCTE, which means today I am running around trying to get ready. I was telling one of my babysitters about this trip, and how I’d be doing two talks and signings and author dinners, and she just shook her head. “I just don’t see you like that!” she said. “It’s like you have an alter ego!” And she’s right. Days like today, when I’m loading up my Nice Clothes and Cute Shoes and getting into Work Mode, it does feel kind of strange. Worlds colliding, and all that. To my babysitters, I am just the neurotic person who always collapses, exhausted, the minute they arrive. I disappear upstairs, do something for a few hours, and then return. Little do they know! It’s like my little secret. Anyway, the events at NCTE are for attendees only, but on Sunday, the 22nd, I’m doing two public events. At 9am I’ll be at Chester County Books and Music to do an author breakfast with the fab Laurie Halse Anderson (go here for more info). And for more info on the benefit at Children’s Book World, where I’ll be from 1-3, go here and scroll down a bit.

2. Ever since my daughter was born, she has looked JUST like her father. The only people who think she takes after me in any way have never met him. People keep telling me that this will change, that eventually she may take on more of my features. In the meantime, though, I am seeing little hints that she is, in fact, a lot like me. Such as the fact that lately, she’s REALLY into two things: shoes and cupcakes. And, of course, books. Genetics works, folks. That’s my girl!

3. They’re talking about this huge cruise ship right now on GMA, and it’s SO making me remember my Love Boat obsession when I was a kid. I used to watch it every Saturday night, and I totally wanted to be Julie McCoy, cruise director. She got to carry a clipboard and eat at the captain’s table and go to exotic locales! It seemed like the best job ever. I bet this huge new ship would blow Julie McCoy’s mind. There’ s a mall! A spa! Manufactured waves so you can surf onboard! And I have a feeling the cruise directors, if they even still exist, do not carry clipboards. That’s so 70’s. They’re probably all robots by now.

4. There was a story in the news yesterday with this shocking truth: movie popcorn is NOT good for you. As Seth and Amy would say, “Really?” I mean, come on. It’s loaded with butter and oil and we eat it by the tubful. Did you really think you could tell yourself the fact that it’s high in fiber somehow cancels that out? (Can you tell I have tried this argument myself, before?) I’ve written here recently about my obsession with microwave popcorn, but that is a whole different thing. Movie popcorn is like dessert. But man, is it good. I haven’t been to the movies in FOREVER but I honestly miss the food more than the films themselves. If Netflix could figure out a way to ship a tub right to your door, they’d make millions. Not that it would a good thing, necessarily. I’m just saying.

5. Speaking of movies, New Moon opens today, and MAN talk about media saturation. It’s everywhere! I missed Stefanie Meyer on Oprah the other day—I’m hoping they’ll re-run it—but I do wonder what she’s doing today. I mean, talk about having an alter ego. She’s a mom, and a regular person, but also this total DEITY as far as readers are concerned. It’s not like it’s her first movie or anything, but whoa, it’s gotta be a little overwhelming. I hope she is having a nice, big cup of coffee right now, or green tea, or whatever is her morning drink of choice. Maybe she’ll go buy some cute shoes or something, to celebrate. Have some ice cream. Or movie popcorn. Whatever she’s doing, I hope she’s getting to enjoy it. What a crazy ride. I can’t even imagine.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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