Good morning from Philadelphia, where, honestly, I’m a little peaked. (That’s pronounced peek-ed, in case you were wondering.) NCTE has been SO much fun, though. I’ve gotten to catch up with old friends, meet a ton of great librarians and teachers, and eat a lot of great food. In fact, I am thinking I am going to have to go totally low-carb or no carb once I am back. For now, though, I am indulging in huge breakfasts, lots of cheese and bread, and, um, chocolate. At least for the next couple of hours.

Last night, I attended a cocktail party for ALAN, which is always a blast. All the big author names were there: Deb Caletti, David Levithan, Lauren Myracle, E. Lockhart, Sara Zarr, plus a ton of others, too many to list here. I spent a lot of the party searching for Lara Zeises, who I was so excited to finally meet in person, but I could never find her. Today, I’m doing a panel, and then I get to pack up and head home to my daughter, who apparently is crazy congested and refusing to blow her nose. My husband is MORE than ready for me to take over chasing her around with a tissue. And then it’s Thanksgiving! Which means, um, more carbs and dessert. I see a lot of time on the treadmill in my future. But man, it has been so worth it. The food is GREAT here. And I haven’t even had a cheesesteak! Maybe at the airport. THEN I am going totally carb free. Really!

Have a great day, everyone!

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