Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which, as regular readers know, is pretty much my favorite holiday. Mostly because it is an eating holiday, and who doesn’t like that? Because I ate my way around Philadelphia, however—huge breakfasts! best brunch ever at the Continental! Dinner at Davio’s and Parc!—I’m also making this a moving holiday. As in, the treadmill is my friend. As are lunges, sun salutations, and push ups. I am sure somewhere there is a formula for how many miles, lunges and push ups you need to do to balance out a turkey dinner, or two. But I’m too lazy to look it up. Hey, I’m on vacation!

In other news, the day has come: my daughter has grown out of her crib. She’s been jumping in it like crazy, and now that it’s broken twice we’ve decided to stop fixing it and just take it as a sign that’s she’s ready to move on. Even if we aren’t. And I don’t think we are. I mean, I plan to put a mattress on the floor, baby proof the entire bedroom, and put a big gate on the door. But what if she still gets up and runs around in the night? How do we get her to stay IN the bed? I have these visions of her just collapsing by the door in a heap after running laps once we’ve turned out the light and said goodnight. Oh, dear. Some might say, do you really want to try to do this over the holiday? (And by some, I mean my husband.) But the truth is, we have a lot of family in town this week, all of whom are dying to spend time with Sasha. So if we have some sleepless nights (me or her) at least there is backup. Anyway, wish us luck. And if you have anything that really worked for you, big kid bed-wise, please share if you feel like it, I need all the help I can get.

Finally, I’d like to give a little thanks. I think I spend too much of this blog whining about stuff, especially lately. I am overdue for a little gratitude, which is why I am so glad Thanksgiving is tomorrow. It’s a chance to slow down, sit down, and be with the people I love. To remember how lucky we are, in so many ways, for health and togetherness and each other. I’m grateful for my daughter, who is making me a better person, and my husband, who has been doing the same for a long time. I’m grateful for you, my readers, for all the support over the last year, and for friends, who get me through, and my dogs, even though they kind of drive me nuts. I’m grateful for Friday Night Lights, and Modern Family (the best new show on TV, I swear!) and for the fact that Jennifer is still on Top Chef. I’m grateful for Pop Secret Homestyle popcorn (even though I MUST find a way to stop eating it) and for coffee and chocolate. And chocolate and peanut butter together. I could go on, and on, and I plan to, in the days and weeks and months following. For now, though, I’m going to step back from this laptop and go hang with my family. I hope you all have a GREAT holiday.

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