Now that it’s officially the Holiday Season, I know it’s more important than ever to follow my mother’s mantra and Keep It Simple. The “it” can be just about anything: life, childcare, your To Do list, your exercise routine. With this in mind, I decided to order my holiday cards early, over Thanksgiving weekend, so I could be done with it. Simple, right? Well, yes. Until they came and I hated them.

Let me just backtrack and say that I have a wee bit of a perfectionist issue. When I was pregnant, I remember I was obsessing over the edits for Lock and Key, and my agent called me to do a little talking off of the ledge. (This is a regular part of my work process, needing this talk, and everyone—my parents, my husband, agent, editor—-are used to having to do it. It takes a village to deal with my neurosis, clearly.) Anyway, so she was telling me to just calm down, and I said, “I just want it to be perfect!” And she sighed and said, “Now, you want things to be perfect. Once you have that baby, though, you’ll be happy just to keep your head above water.” And she was right. I have lowered the bar, big time. My bar is so low some days that I could limbo under it. Or NOT limbo under it. That’s low.

Which brings me back to my cards. They are HOLIDAY CARDS. Who cares if they are, okay, not great, with the pictures too small and the type kind of weird and not that visually appealing? I ordered them, they are here, I should just send them out. But as much as I have TRIED to keep things simple, I am complicating this issue. Because I don’t like them, and I want to order new ones, but now I’m in this crazy cycle of thinking about it and now, sharing my craziness with all of you. In fact, I should probably delete all this and just write something else about, say, whether it’s a bad thing to do all gift cards for the holidays or how I can’t wait for the next Friday Night Lights, which looks like it might rock my world completely. But that’s complicating things. So I will leave this, and own my craziness. It is mine, if nothing else.

I’d also like to point out that it is only December 2nd. We still have a lot of the month to go. Maybe it’s time to up my coffee intake.

In other news, an update from my last entry. I have heard from several readers letting me know that Chris Brown is not appearing on my beloved GMA after all. Clearer heads have prevailed, apparently, and I am so relieved because I hate it when GMA and I are all, you know, not good. On a related note, I read last night that Charlie Gibson’s last day on World News is December 18th. Does this mean that we’ll be hearing who will replace Diane as main anchor on GMA by then? I wonder. Just in case, I will repeat who I think should get the job:

Just my two cents. I love me some Cuomo.

Okay, I’m hitting that coffee now. Plain, black, hot. Simple. Mom would approve.

Have a great day, everyone!

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