The Friday Five!

1. The latest news is that ABC has offered the GMA host job to George Stephanopoulos. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like George just fine. Remember when Monica and Rachel were obsessing about watching him take off his shirt on Friends? (Yes, I know he has many other great accomplishments other than being mentioned on Friends. But this is the Friday Five, after all.) But George already has a show, on Sunday mornings. And, honestly, I’m just not sure he can move so easily between interviewing world leaders AND doing cooking segments like Diane did. But you know who CAN?

That’s right. Also, I’d like to point out that if George comes, and then Chris LEAVES (which is the rumor, that he’ll move on if he doesn’t get moved up) then we, the loyal viewers, are down HALF the team. And I don’t like change. Especially in the morning when I have not yet had my coffee. It’s going to be hard enough to go without Diane. But Chris, too? Oh, GMA. Don’t make me quit you.

2. In other news, I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for some info on the book I’m working on. I want to tell you that I am very flattered that people are so excited about the prospect of another novel (my tenth!). But to be honest, I just don’t like to talk about my books when I’m writing them. I’m getting kind of nervous even writing this entry, actually. It just seems like a jinx. Plus, I learned way back in college, when I was in brutal writing workshops trying to write my first novel (now in a dusty box in my attic, where it belongs) that input AS I write does not help me. I like to have my book and characters all to myself until it’s done. Then, I pack it up and send it off to my agent, the One True Voice, for a yay or nay. Until she sees it, though, nobody does. My husband doesn’t even know what I’m writing about. So I’m not ignoring your requests, just honoring my neurotic yet necessary process. I’m sure you understand.

3. Speaking of my crazy ways, can I tell you how much I hate to make big decisions? This was why I was TERRIBLE at wedding planning, which I was in the thick of ten years ago right now. All these little choices that are so important (or seemed like they were, then): cupcakes or big cake? champagne toast or no? buffet or sit-down? Oh, I’d just get totally paralyzed and end up freaking out. Now, I’m having to make all these decisions for my office, like picking carpet. I know, I know. It’s carpet, you walk on it, big deal. But do I get beige? Or a lighter beige? Do I get berber or loop pile or something sort of shag-esque, which the carpet people insist is not retro but really cool? Oh, dear God I have no idea. I actually tried to send my husband to just pick it out himself, as I trust his taste, but he refused. I am honestly at the point of just closing my eyes and pointing at the samples, that random. Leave it up to fate. It can’t go THAT wrong, can it?

4. Speaking of my wedding, I can’t believe it was ten years ago this June. Also crazy? I will be 40 in the same month. FORTY. Holy crap, how did that happen? I had this totally crazy realization, while watching Cougartown, that I might actually be a cougar at forty. Or maybe I’ve BEEN a cougar, and didn’t even realize it? How can this be, when mentally I still feel like I’m about eighteen? I can’t even think about it. When I turned thirty, I was so distracted by my wedding, which was four days later, that I couldn’t really think about it. But forty is big, wild jungle cats aside. Luckily I have six months to brace myself.

5. Finally, I’m heading out today to do some Christmas shopping and it’s got me thinking. I’m really trying to do less in terms of gift buying and give more to the NC Food Bank, because they really do so much good and a lot of folks out there can really use help right now. It’s a little tricky with the gift thing, though, since this is the first Christmas that my daughter is actually aware of what’s going on. She’s been reading Olivia Helps with Christmas for weeks now, and has already informed me she wants toys for her gifts. Yikes. So far I have only bought her a couple of picture books, and I know she wants some playdoh, which she was introduced to at a playdate this week. I really am trying to avoid bringing any more huge, plastic THINGS into this house. (Especially huge plastic things that made noise when buttons are pushed.) Simple, simple, simple. I’m thinking puzzles, crayons, no batteries required. It’s a noble aspiration, right? We’ll see if I can actually pull it off.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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