Oh, I just don’t even know what to say about the latest GMA developments. It’s, like, a bad news-good news situation. The latest is that Chris Cuomo will leave for 20/20 or (sob!) another network and George Stephanopoulos will replace Diane. That’s the BAD news. The good? Supposedly, Juju Chang will then become the news reader. And you KNOW how much I love Juju:

She’s the whole reason I got to visit the set last year! She introduced me to Diane and Robin and Sam AND Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. I mean, come on. I kind of owe her my life for that. Plus, she’s a totally sweet person and a GREAT reporter. So I’m happy, happy, happy for her. But in a perfect world—and I know this isn’t one, none is, but we can dream—they would have moved Chris up to co-anchor, brought Juju in as news reader and TA-DA: dream team. Sigh. Oh, well. I’ll shut up now.

In other news, all the power stuff went well on Monday, and my office now has LIGHT! Check it out:

Cabinets come later this week, then carpet next. It’s actually starting to seem REAL, finally. On the downside, the power outage apparently caused a fatal error (don’t you hate that term? It’s so scary!) on the DVR in our playroom. The other one, that has all my Friday Night Lights and Hoarders and everything else, was fine. Which is great. But the one that died had ALL of Sasha’s shows: a ton of Olivias, Gabba Gabbas, and Sesame Streets. POOF! They’re all gone, leaving me to try to explain why we can’t watch Slimy get a pet bug or Olivia in the old west anymore. Yikes. A new receiver is on the way but we’re basically relying only on DVDs until it gets here and we can start taping again. I don’t let Sasha watch much TV—and I know some of you are shocked to hear that, but it’s true—but we do let her have a little while she eats breakfast, and I’m not sure how long we can keep watching these same DVDs over and over before there’s some kind of toddler riot. I am trying to stay calm, at any rate.

So I’ve written here before about how much I love Rosie O’Donnell. I used to watch her talk show RELIGIOUSLY. I even timed my trips to the gym so I could be on the treadmill when it was on. Then I watched her on the View, until that kind of imploded, and she disappeared. But then, flipping around my Sirius XM radio the other day in traffic, who do I hear but Ro? She’s got her own morning show, every weekday morning. Hooray! If you’ve got Sirius XM, find out more here. I am such a nerd that I am just waiting for the chance to try and call in. I would DIE to talk to her, even for just a second. No joke.

Finally—God, sorry this entry turned out to be so long—I got a request from someone on the comments asking for book recommendations for holiday gifts. Personally, I loved the new Jennifer Weiner, Best Friends Forever, and I’m eagerly awaiting Anne Tyler’s latest, which is coming out in the new year. Also I LOVED Olive Kitteridge, which is not the newest book but was new to me and reminded me what great writing is all about. What a book. If you have other recommendations for this reader (and for me!) feel free to leave them. Especially if they are picture books. We have all the Olivias and all the Corduroys, and have read them a million times, so I’m ready for a change, Big time!

Have a great day, everyone!

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