Okay, so, not to alarm you or anything, but there are only ELEVEN days left until Christmas. Holy pajamas! I thought I had, like, much more time. Better get cracking.

In other news, I debated this morning whether I should even discuss the fact that I caught a couple of episodes of Jersey Shore on MTV this weekend. Why? Because a show like this is so completely over the top that you really need to watch about ten hours of Masterpiece Theatre to atone for it. I know there’s been a lot of reaction to this show, especially from the Italian-American community, claiming it is full of stereotypes. And, well…it is. These people are SO overblown and exaggerated, it’s like they aren’t even real. I know people from New Jersey, and they are not like this. But it’s MTV. People have figured out that in order to be on these shows, you need to be a “character,” not just a person. And I know that if they were filming a show about NC and looking for Southerners, they’d probably pick the most Yee-hawing, tractor-driving folks they could find. But, seriously. I think, stereotypes aside, I am too old to be watching any show like this, about people in their twenties. When The Situation (and that’s what he calls himself, I am not even joking) got pink eye, all I could think was that it was probably from the hot tub, which most likely needed to be disinfected. Yes, I am a mom. It’s official now.

(It has just been pointed out to me that The Situation did not, in fact, get pink eye. That was Vinny. I stand corrected.)

(On a related note, The Situation, as a nickname, has become a running joke around here. My husband has decided I should be called The Complication. I personally like The Aberration. I could go on and on…..)

The rest of the weekend I spent indulging my office supply obsession, which was just entirely too much fun. (Again: geek.) My office is almost finished—I might actually get to move in before the new year!—so I had an excuse to hit Staples, which is always a great thing. Only fellow office geeks will appreciate the fact that I am having to transition from my regular file folders (manilla, letter size, tabbed) to hanging folders in my new cabinets. Confession: I don’t like hanging folders. I feel that things fall out the sides. It’s like a Pepsi or Coke thing among us office supply people: you either like one or the other, it’s all personal preference. But I can adjust, right? On the plus side, I have an excuse to use my label maker, which is, like, the most fun thing ever.

*reads over entry*

Between Jersey Shore confessions and my labelmaker, I am NOT coming off well here today. Quick! Let me talk about something that makes me look cool, stat!


I got nothing. Oh, well…..

Have a great day, everyone!

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