Two full days left of 2009, and everywhere I look people are doing recaps of the year. The big events, who died, who made the news, the heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. I’ll spare you doing that here, as I honestly don’t remember much of the year, as I spend it either running around like a crazy person OR trying desperately to get rested up from running around like said crazy person. But I did have a really good year, that I know. My book did really well, my daughter is healthy and happy (aside from the occasional tantrum) I have an awesome new writing space (pics to come in new year, once it’s totally done!) and basketball season is really only just beginning. Plus, I converted yet another person to Friday Night Lights, my friend Courtney, and now she is hooked. Hooray!

There are a few things I’ve decided I really want to try to leave in 2009, though. Like guilt. I have a lot of it, for various reasons and various things, and it’s really exhausting, like carrying around a backpack full of heavy rocks. I am ready to put it down and move on, lighter. So I think I will write down all the things I’ve felt guilty about this year, put the paper in the fire on New Years Eve, and send it up the chimney to the sky. Hopefully my guilt will not settle back down over me in ash form. Blow away, blow away!

There are some pressing questions, though, that have not yet been answered in these last twelve months. Things I just, you know, wonder about, and hope to have answers for in the coming year, or at least sometime. Such as:

1. Why are all towels ENORMOUS these days? Twice I have gone to buy new towels, because we really need them, and they are all literally twice as big as my old ones. Are we bigger, or something? Do we need towels the size of tablecloths, really? Really?

2. In the Max and Ruby books, and TV show—which my daughter is now addicted to—where are their parents? There’s no mention of them, only Grandma. Someone is paying the mortgage on that nice house and paying for Bunny Scouts. It’s such a cute show, but I worry they’ve been abandoned, or something.

3. Does anyone other than me still have a landline phone? And by having one, am I officially old? None of my friends under 30 have one anymore. It’s like regular bath towels, just out of fashion, or something.

4. Do celebrity moms really find motherhood “perfectly overwhelming” and “just amazing” all the time, or do they have moments when they, too, want to tear their hair out? Also, does Jennifer Lopez REALLY have no help at all with her twins? And if so, how did she train for that triathalon? With a double stroller?

5. How many lip glosses and lipsticks should an average person have? Is there an actual number? I have a feeling that it is not fourteen, which is where I am at currently. I’m thinking it is in single digits, whatever it is. Uh-oh.

6. Will this blog ever become more high minded, covering politics and history and providing insightful commentary on world events?

7. Will my daughter ever learn to say “please,” without having to be prompted to do so? Because I am beginning to sound like a serious broken record. Also, like my mother. Thanks for the patience, Mom. This one’s for you: Please!

8. Will I ever finish another novel?

I don’t have the answers for these questions. Maybe I will next year. We’ll see, I guess. Until then, I hope you all have a VERY safe and happy New Year’s Eve, guilt-free, small-toweled, talking on your landline. Or, not. You know, whatever works for you.

Have a great day, everyone!

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Okay, who am I kidding? We all know the answer to number 6 is a big fat NO. Just seeing if you were paying attention…..