New Year, new schedule?

Okay, so I’m updating on Sunday again, mostly because I have a bad case of…well, the Sundays. You know that dread you used to feel when you were a kid—or maybe it’s not just kids, but that’s what I remember it from—the night before a new school week began? Like, just kind of letdown and stressed. I think a LOT of people are feeling this way, and not just today, if the behavior I’ve seen around town the last couple of days is any indication. People just seem grumpy, over the holidays, and ready to move on. I was at a restaurant this weekend and my waitress was clearly in a mood, which for some reason made me be that much more effusive. (Hello, therapy!) Anyway, she plunked our drinks in front of us and I said, “Thanks so much!” and she just grunted and walked away. This was after someone beeped at us for no reason and another salesperson just saw us walk in, then let out this big sigh and went back to whatever she was doing on the computer.

People: I hear you. This is my least favorite time of year. I mean, it was sixteen degrees this morning, and it’s not supposed to warm up for an entire week. It’s been my experience that you just have to buckle down, endure, and things DO get better. But, um, usually not until late February. But don’t think about that! I’m trying not to.

In other news, we had a very nice New Year’s here, low-key with good friends and good food. I managed to stay up until midnight for the first time since Sasha was born, and of course totally regretted it the next morning when she was up bright and early at 5:50. Dear God.

Someone told me years ago that whatever you do on the first day of the year, you do all year long, so I’ve always been really careful about what I do on January 1st. Which means that normally, I make sure I write, work out, and eat well. This year….well, I just wanted to sleep. So 2010 might be a kind of slack year for me. But if the whole first-day-whole-year thing is true, it will also be a year where I slow down, stop worrying so much about getting ahead every second, and just try to BE. And that is not a bad thing.

Also this weekend, we finally watched The Hangover, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I expected it to be more…I don’t know, crude or something, full of naked girls. But it was actually very funny and more high brow than I expected. (But not THAT high brow: it is not The Road, by any means.) Also, I have only before ever seen Bradley Cooper playing a bad guy (Wedding Crashers, He’s Just Not That Into You) and while he was no paragon of virtue in this one either, he was awfully nice to look at. See, it’s that whole scruffy, big hair thing again!

I’m honestly starting to think I might have a problem.

I hope that you all had a very safe and happy New Year’s, and that 2010 is exactly the kind of year you need it to be, whether that’s full of writing, or workouts, or naps. Or Bradley Cooper. As for me, I might start making updating on Sundays a habit. Just this little entry has kind of gotten right of my blues. Nice!

Have a good week, everyone!

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