19 degrees? In North Carolina? Really, Mother Nature?

It’s been so cold here lately, I just can’t even believe it. I know a lot of people love winter the way I love summer: they like sweaters and snow and wind chills and all that. Frankly, I just can’t even imagine. I just look at our wireless indoor thermometer, which tells you more than you would ever want to know about what’s happening, and will happen outside–the temp, what it actually feels like, what it will do tomorrow and the next day and the next—and I just close my eyes and think about this:

Five months from today, I’ll be there. That’s not so long, right?

In other news, although I’ve never been much of a Food Network person, we caught the first episode of Worst Cooks in America the other night, and I have a feeling we’ll be watching the entire series. Not just because we’ve been more and more into cooking lately—I’m trying enchiladas from scratch for the first time tonight, wish me luck—but also because it makes me feel that much better about my own kitchen skills. I mean, I am no Top Chef. Last night I made a cook-in-bag meatloaf with a packet of seasoning mixed in, and potatoes and carrots scattered all around it. With bottled gravy. Hello, 1970 called: they want their dinner back. But at LEAST I can put together a meatloaf. Some of these folks couldn’t do more than mix up a can of soup and put some cheese over the top. It’s like when I used to watch My Super Sweet Sixteen to feel like I was a good, decent person, at least in comparison to some of the behavior showcased there. See, TV CAN be good for you!

Finally, today the guy is coming to hook up our internet and phones and stuff over at the new office. I can get a decent wireless signal from our modem, but I have to say, it’s been REALLY nice to not have a phone over there. I mean, I have my cell if my babysitters or anyone needs me, but not having the hear the home phone ring, over and over, all afternoon….it’s priceless. I’m thinking I might just get the line active, but then not put a phone in. At least not yet. For so long, my working/writing life has been completely intertwined with my home life: I write as dogs bark and babies cry and doors slam and UPS comes and goes, making dogs bark more. And it’s a good thing, because I now know that I CAN write under just about any circumstances, even total chaos. But not having to? It’s nice. I walk up those stairs, open the door, and….silence. Ahhhh. Yeah. I think I’ll skip the phone. Because I can.

Have a great day, everyone!

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