Thank you for all the nice comments about my office. I’m so glad you all approve! And for those who mentioned it, the framed series of my book covers was actually a gift from my publisher, many years ago. Gotta love Penguin, they are the BEST. The Keep Calm and Carry On print I just stumbled across while I was looking for something else on, and I just loved it. It is just the advice I need when in plain view when I’m working. Or, just living, actually. Maybe I should get it tattooed on my arm, or something.

In other news, Glee has been renewed for a second season, to which I say: well, duh. It’s just about the best new show this season, followed by Modern Family and Cougartown (which have also just been renewed, yay!). I also saw that they’re holding auditions for three new cast members, beginning in February. Which is SO exciting because now I can start totally bugging my cousin Emily to send in a tape. She would be PERFECT for Glee. She’s got an amazing voice, she was a theatre major, and she’s currently touring around the country with a show. I have decided to make it my personal goal to get her to audition. Now, I just have to start bugging her. Watch out, Em. I can be VERY persistent and annoying. Then again, she’s my cousin, so she probably already knows that.

Finally, I’ve been hearing from quite a few people lately that there are some accounts on Facebook and Twitter that claim to be me, but are not. Especially on Twitter, apparently, where there is more than one person pretending they are me. I mean, come on. It’s just so annoying. Be yourself or go home! But anyway—deep breath—just so there’s no confusion: if you go to my website, and scroll down, you will see links to my official Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts. On Twitter, I am sarahdessen, and on Facebook I am Sarah Dessen . (Right now we are capped on Friends, but you can also visit my Fan Page, which is here. Accept no imitations! Although maybe, they will not be so persistent and annoying. But still, a fake is a fake. And who likes a fake?

Oops, Olivia’s ending and breakfast needs cleaning up. Mom duty calls….

Have a great day, everyone!

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