The Friday Five!

1. Right now, the local TV stations are all abuzz here about this weekend’s WINTER WEATHER EVENT. This means—and don’t laugh, all you Canadians—that we’re going to get, possibly, between 2-4 inches of snow and maybe some ice. I know, I know. You’re laughing anyway. But here, this is a Big Deal. They’re salting the roads, and telling everyone to hunker down tonight and tomorrow, when it’s all supposed to be happening. As for me…I’m not enthused, to be honest. Now, if a snow day meant, you know, sleeping in, watching BRAVO marathons and eating cereal straight out of the box, that would be one thing. But I have a seriously energetic toddler who wakes up at 6am, snow or not, and I’m a little nervous about how I’m going to entertain her if we can’t, you know, leave all weekend. I see a lot of Play Doh and tower building in my immediate future. Hopefully we can at least make a snowman or something.

2. This week, we got an elliptical machine, and about a half hour ago I finished my first workout on it. Oh.My.God. When I stepped off, my legs almost collapsed under me, they were so tired and shaky. Whoa. I don’t have a ton of experience with ellipticals, but along with the Play Doh, snow and towers, I see a lot of Advil in my future. Good lord. I need to shake up my workouts, though, and I think this will help. I have this goal of actually liking what I look like in my bathing suit by my fortieth birthday in June, which may be entirely too ambitious. But at least it’s motivating me through those hills. Although I may be, you know, unable to walk tomorrow and all.

3. J.D. Salinger died yesterday, and today the blogosphere is full of tributes and commentaries. I will admit that I am not acquainted with his work beyond Catcher in the Rye, a book that pretty much has become iconic of the YA voice and genre. As a person, though, he was reclusive: no blog, no Twitter, no website. Like Anne Tyler, he’d long ago decided to just kind of go off the grid, which I sort of admire. Purists will say that the writing is all that matters, if you’re a writer. The rest is just distraction and noise. I am old enough to remember a time, after I published my first book, when I had no blog and no social networking sites, where if someone wanted to reach me they wrote a letter to my publisher, which then got forwarded to me. Was I more productive then, a better writer? I don’t know. I can say that my writing existed more in its own category, where as now, as I’m checking these feeds all day, the line between my two worlds, work and other, is a bit more blurred. I’m not saying that I want to just disappear–who would I talk about TV with?—but I can certainly see how it might make your writing better. Of course, to really focus, I’d need to not only disappear but not take any internet or TV or, actually, my family with me. And that would be NO fun. I’ll take the noise, thanks.

4. So I just flipped over to GMA, where they were having some sort of roundtable current events segment, talking about the Toyota recall and John Edwards. Very informative while you drink your coffee. But can I be honest? I miss my old GMA, which was able to do informative and current, but also be sort of silly at times. And do you know who I realize, now, was actually the cause of a lot of that silliness? Diane, of all people. And with her gone, and Chris Cuomo, who also was able to be professional AND goof off, it’s left to Robin to lighten things up, with help from Juju and Sam, and I feel like I can see them struggling with it. I know, I know, there’s no point in moaning because it’s not like Chris or Diane is coming back. But still. Kind of bums me out.

5. Finally, speaking of TV, I just have say this again: if you’re not watching Modern Family, you should be. Regular readers know that I usually save my TV pushing for Friday Night Lights, which desperately needs viewers. Modern Family does not. It’s already been renewed for next season and has a good primetime slot. But I watched the pilot recently, along with some repeats, and I just was blown away, again, by how hilarious it is. If you liked Arrested Development, you will LOVE this show. So hilarious, unique characters, and it just keeps getting better. If you really need to be productive today, you probably don’t want to go over to Hulu and watch an episode. But if you can afford to take the time, here. And if you already watch, I’ll just say this: Why the face?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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