UK Release tomorrow!

So I’m doing a rare Monday night entry just to remind you folks in the UK (who are probably asleep right now) that Along for the Ride is officially being released on your side of the pond TOMORROW. Or, if you are reading this on Tuesday, TODAY. I have heard from some readers there that they have already found it in their local bookstore, but the real date is tomorrow, so if you’ve been waiting, hopefully you can find it then.

As a reminder, if you are looking, here’s the cover:

I am thrilled to have another UK release with Penguin UK. They take the best care of me. It’s my hope that some day I can make the trip over to do some readings and promote my books in person. Maybe when my daughter is a little older. I bet she would LOVE some fish and chips! (Okay, that’s kind of a stereotype. Sorry.)

Now, I’m off to sit down and watch two, count them TWO, episodes of Friday Night Lights I have saved on my DVR. BLISS!

Have a great night, everyone!

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