It’s been four full days since it snowed here, and things are still really covered, at least in my neighborhood. Our driveway is ice and slush, our road halfway decent….unless you are driving a BMW E30 race car, as I was yesterday. Actually, at first, I was driving my car, which has all wheel drive and was doing just fine, as long as I went slow. But I was following my husband, in his race car (oh, don’t even ask) which is barely street legal, that he was bringing up to his mechanic, about three miles away. We were doing fine until we a few deer ran out in front of him: he hit the brakes, slid, and promptly got stuck in a pile of slush. After I tried to push him out with no result, he told me to get in and hit the gas so HE could push.

Now, my parents taught me a lot of things, and I am grateful for them all. But lately, as my husband has been buying track cars and needing to be dropped off and picked up various places, I’ve been especially happy that my mom and dad insisted that I learn to drive a stick shift. Because a lot of people can’t. It’s just one of those skills, like waitressing and having an extensive knowledge of pop culture, that I feel will continue to be useful in my life as I get older. Anyway, so I have to climb in the BMW, which is incredibly low to the ground, stripped of everything but seats, and has a roll cage. Yes. A ROLL CAGE. It was like getting in the General Lee, if you’re old enough to remember that reference.

Anyway, I put the car in gear, ease off the clutch, and after some struggle, we finally get the car loose. I put it in neutral, then climb out as gracefully as I can—which is not very gracefully, when you have to launch yourself out of a roll cage–while the car, which has this loud, burbling engine, popped and grunted beneath me. It was all totally surreal, even before I saw my mailman driving past, very slowly, looking at me like I was a total freak. What? I wanted to say. You’ve never climbed out of a racecar with a roll cage wearing Uggs before?

All of this is a long way of saying I really hope all this stuff melts today, finally. Because life is complicated enough.

Another result of being home for a few days: due to the combo of watching Hoarders and being stuck inside, I’ve done some serious clutter removal from my closet. Mostly, it was clothes I don’t wear anymore but felt I SHOULD hold onto, because, well, you just never know. I might suddenly have a ken to wear that sweater, even if I haven’t for two years. But now,tanks to television, I know this is not a good approach, because the next thing I know, I’ll have, like, sweaters piled up to the ceiling and my family will be all upset with me and no one will want to come over. So out they go, to the thrift shop, or to my friend Toby, who can and does sell just about anything on Ebay. And there is something really freeing about just tossing stuff out, if you can just get past that initial anxiety. It’s like just about anything else—writing, the elliptical machine (which killed me this morning), trying to lose weight. Keep going and you’ll be glad you did.

Okay, time to go warm up the car. Today, we venture into town, roll cage or not!

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