Here I am! Better late than never…..

Monday morning, and I’m suffering from a bit of a food hangover after all I ate at our Superbowl party last night. But you know what? TOTALLY worth it. We had this huge deli platter, seven layer dip, chicken wings….oh, and some very pretty cut-up vegetables with hummus, which were hardly touched. As far as the game, I’ve said before I am not much into football, but I was really, really happy for the Saints, who I was pulling for purely for emotional reasons. I love a great comeback story, and this one was for a city AND a team. I mean, it just doesn’t get better than that.

I have to believe in comebacks, anyway, because Carolina lost again yesterday. I just sat there, fists clenched: I could barely watch. Ouch, is the word that comes to mind. Even worse, though, is that we play Duke on Wednesday. I may have to be sedated for that one. God help me.

In other news, later this week we’re heading out of town, to Myrtle Beach, SC, where my husband and my friend Dana are running a half marathon. Now, I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach since I was about fifteen, when I went with a friend and her brother, the brother got arrested, and it turned into this big crazy scene that is funny now, but not so much back then. So I don’t exactly have the best associations. Now, though, I’ll be returning at almost forty, with a toddler who is determined to bring all her sand toys with her, even though I told her that it’s going to be cold and we won’t be swimming. Still, though, the beach is the beach, and I have been in serious coastal withdrawal for months now. I just want to put my feet in the sand, to remind myself that summer WILL come, someday. Even if my feet are in shoes in the sand, it counts.

Finally, I have to say I am SO behind on my TV watching, it’s crazy. I think this means I need to cull down my shows, which stinks because it means I have to cut some favorites, which is never easy. I hate to say it, but Grey’s Anatomy will probably be first on the chopping block, because it meets the top two criteria: I have three unwatched episodes AND my husband will not watch it with me. Same thing goes for Brothers and Sisters, a show I adore but my husband will not tolerate. I should probably delete the last Teen Mom and the reunion show, because I can’t seem to get to them either, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I am so totally codependent when it comes to that show. I want to, like, move Catelynn and Tyler into my house and pay for them to go to college. And how much do I love how Maci says the word, “Bentley.” BEHNT-LEE! Entirely too much to delete it. I guess that means something else has to go. Iron Chef America, the new Scrubs and Community, consider yourself warned.

All right, time to get to work. I’m already running late. Have a great day, everyone!

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