You know how you sometimes have those moments when your past and present worlds just collide with a crash? That happened to me last night, when I put on a Yo Gabba Gabba DVD for my daughter to watch while she ate dinner. There was an episode on it I hadn’t seen before about birthdays, and towards the end, as I was in the kitchen making spaghetti sauce, I heard this song come on. And it just….like, poked at something WAY back in my brain and experience, like circa 1984. Then I realized what the song was: it’s that “Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,” song from Sixteen Candles, being performed by the Ting Tings. Don’t remember it? Go here to check it out. But prepare yourself: if you know Sixteen Candles as well as I do, you could have a nostalgia boomerang. You might want to sit down or something.

In other news, Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and I’m honestly trying to avoid the hype this year. Yesterday, at the grocery store, I walked right into an ENORMOUS display of candy hearts, stuffed animals and boxes of chocolate. (Okay, I didn’t walk right INTO it, just sort of near it, but the impact was kind of the same.) I mean, whoa. It’s just so MUCH, for a holiday that is supposed to be about something very singular and simple: love. We actually moved into our house on Valentine’s Day back in 1999, so it’s become more of an anniversary than anything else for us. But I’m honestly thinking about just making my husband a card this year, or maybe even doing nothing, to just step back from all the STUFF. Although if someone puts a candy heart in front of me, I’m not going to abstain just on principle. Especially if there is nougat involved.

Finally, speaking of nostalgia, I’m sitting here watching Lady Gaga with Cyndi Lauper on GMA, and I have to say…I just don’t really understand the Lady Gaga thing. I know a couple of her songs, and she’s just SO over the top everytime I see her perform that it’s kind of surreal to see her with George Stephanopoulous at 8:15 in the morning. But to her credit, she is still in full makeup with a crazy tinsel-like thing sprouting off her head. And you have to wonder….what is George THINKING? A few months ago, he’s on This Week at a political roundtable with Cokie Roberts, talking about health care and government policy, and now here he is with someone who calls herself Gaga sporting crazy headwear. It’s almost worth watching to see him squirm, and it makes me like her, even though I still think I’m too old to actually get what she’s all about.

Honestly, I feel so old and cranky these days. I’m like, moments away from shaking my cane and telling kids to get off my lawn. Is this what happens when you get close to 40? Oh, please say no. Maybe I should get some tinsel for my head, or something….

Have a good day, everyone!

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