The Friday Five!

1. Yes, I know it is technically Thursday. But tomorrow is gearing up to be pretty insane from the moment I wake up, so I figured for my own sanity I’d update tonight. Which is crazy within itself, because it’s not exactly calm here right now. I’m at the kitchen table, which is covered in papers I need to deal with. My daughter is watching Gabba Gabba and running laps around the playroom at the same time (she is an active TV watcher, never sits still, which I guess is a good thing). My husband just came in with a pizza, which I have been craving all week, the dogs are alternating between barking at each other and the deer walking through the backyard, the dryer is going with clothes that need folding, and I am pretty sure the trash needs to be taken out, because something stinks. Hardly the best creative environment, but it is what it is. Chaos works for me, because it has to.

2. Today, I FINALLY got in to get my hair cut, and it honestly was almost as therapeutic as a massage or facial. My hair had gotten so long and straggly, because I am always slack about calling my friend Lars until it already looks terrible, and since he is so awesome he’s always booked up way in advance, which means waiting longer. (You would think because we went to senior prom together I’d get special treatment, but….no. Oh, well.) I had him cut a couple of inches off and add some layers in the front, and I feel like a whole new person. I have written here before about how I have basically had the same haircut since high school: I am no risk taker when it comes to hairstyles. But this, for me, was kind of radical. I find that the closer I get to 40, the more I want to change. Why is that?

3. There’s been a lot of Twittering and Google News entries about John Mayer the last couple of days, concerning another interview he did where he said offensive things. I really like John Mayer’s music…him, these days, not so much. Which is unfortunate, but does it really matter, if as a person he’s not exemplary, as long as the music is good? I’ve been mulling this, because these days celebrities are so much more exposed, thanks to tabloids and Twitter and everything else. It’s hard to separate the art from the artist, and maybe we’re not supposed to. But I want to listen to “Gravity” and not think about someone making offensive remarks. And that’s getting harder. Which kind of stinks.

4. Speaking of celebrities, did anyone else happen to watch GMA yesterday, on George Stephanopoulous’ birthday? (I am having such trouble spelling his name every time that I have decided to call him G-Step. From here on out.) I will admit I have not been crazy about him as a host, mostly because I adore Chris Cuomo and wanted him to get the main job, which all of you know. But G-Step is married to Alexandra Wentworth, who used to be on Living Color, and for his birthday she completely blew my mind by dressing up like Diane Sawyer, then basically crawling down the news desk, Coyote Ugly-style while saying, “Happy Birthday Baby!” and vamping for the camera. WHOA. He turned bright red. But I have to say, the fact that he’s married to such a wild woman makes me like him more. Don’t believe me? Check it out ,b>here.

5. Okay, so clearly doing this update now was not the best idea. Since I started item one, about ten minutes ago, I’ve had to let out my dogs about five times, help my daughter get in and out of a toy bucket, aided my husband in working the DVR, and had heart palpitations because of the chaos. I wonder when I CAN update without being stressed. Not the morning, when the clock is ticking. Not now, when everyone’s needing my attention. Maybe I should wake up at like, two am and do it. Hmmmm…..

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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