Don’t let the door hit you….

Today is the last day of February. I wrote here, more than once, about my dislike for this month, which is probably why it proceeded this year to kick my butt more than ever. Snow? Check. Bitter cold? Yep. Sick toddler/husband? You bet. But now, it is almost over. And even the fact that they are calling for more snow on Tuesday is not enough to take away my joy. I don’t care if March isn’t different at ALL, other than in name. Because it’s March. And by the end of it, usually, it feels more like spring. Although I probably shouldn’t say that, because there’s no telling if I made it mad at me as well. Hope not.

This weekend was SUPPOSED to be my relaxing, TV-filled, girls-only couple of days to bond with my daughter and just hang out. My husband was at the racetrack, I had all these shows on my DVR: I was set. Then, Friday night, I discovered that all my Grey’s Anatomy episodes had gotten erased, somehow. Then, Sasha woke up with a stomach bug Saturday morning, which meant we were pretty much quarantined here, alone, together. Suffice to say that by the time I sat down to watch TV on Saturday night, I was so tired to could barely keep my eyes open. But I did my best—after finding the episodes I was missing on iTunes and Hulu—and I hate to say it, but Grey’s is just NOT what it used to be. I didn’t want to believe it, even when so many of you said you’d given up on it entirely. I believe in sticking with a show. But I just found my mind wandering entirely too much, and the characters weren’t grabbing me the way they used to. Now, this might have been because the night before, I’d watched the last two eps of Friday Night Lights’ fourth season, which was SO GOOD that really, nothing could compare. But I didn’t expect Grey’s to be at that level. I just wanted it to be watchable and engrossing, and honestly, it kind of wasn’t. I will try not to pass judgement until I am totally caught up, however. Although I have to say I’m not as excited about doing that as I was before. Oh, well.

(Edited to add: Okay, I just watched another episode while my awesome husband cooked dinner. And…I felt that little tug that Grey’s was always so good at bringing about. So maybe there is hope! I’m happy about that, truly.)

Brothers and Sisters, though? Still good. Those Walkers are crazy, but I love them.

The rest of this weekend I spent trying to get adjusted to my new phone, which is a Palm Pre and is leaps and bounds ahead of my old Centro. It’s also more complicated—which is part of the whole leaps and bounds thing—so I was struggling with merging contacts and calendars and everything else. Which sounds like work, but if you’re like me you totally geek out on this kind of thing. It makes me crazy, but in a fun way, and once I figure something out I feel so virtuous it makes up for all my other daily failures. Of which there are several, especially when I’m doing the single parent thing. If I told you I gave Sasha a cookie for breakfast….well, you get the idea.

Anyway. Now it’s Sunday night, my husband is home and on dinner duty, and I am planning an early bedtime and some serious sleep. Which I HOPE will chase away this little scratch in my throat that I am attributing to allergies, because I just KNOW February wouldn’t throw a cold at me on its way out. Would it?

Have a good night, everyone!

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