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This may be a short entry, if only because I’ve been battling toddler tantrums all day and am pretty much spent. I feel like I’ve been lucky, so far, in that my daughter is not a big fit-thrower. She’s only splayed herself on the floor or gone boneless in public a couple of times, and can usually be distracted and rerouted when she starts to whine about something she wants or wants to do. That said, the last couple of days have been trying. It seems like EVERYTHING is causing her to freak out. I cut her toast wrong, or give her the wrong kind of spoon, or—God forbid—want to go work or even into the other room without her. I keep asking the universe for patience and calm, which is great in theory but not always easy, especially when she’s standing right next to me, screaming her lungs out. I think that because I’m a bit under the weather, and stressed about various things, that she’s picking up on it as well and reacting accordingly. But today, at around noon, when I was standing in the kitchen trying to fix some chili for the crockpot, and she was red-faced and screaming, I just was on the verge of tears myself. Breathe, breathe, breathe, I know. So I did. And I do.

My cousin Lucy, mother of a toddler herself—a single mom, at that, which is a zillion times harder—keeps sending me links to last-minute deals at Club Med resorts in the Bahamas and other places. They have activities for children! Are all inclusive! And it would (most likely) not be snowing, like it’s supposed to do here tonight! Oh, it sounds so good. I am sorely tempted.

(I have to say, thought, that just as I wrote this, Sasha just walked to playroom door, where she’s eating dinner with her dad, and gave me this big, toothy grin. Which makes all the tantrums so not important. I love that kid, even when she’s a big old mess. I hope she feels the same way about me.)

So I might not be going to the Bahamas to Club Med. But I WILL be in New York later this month, for the New York Teen Author Festival. There will be a TON of authors there, too many to even list here, and lots of events going on. For a full schedule, jump on over to the Facebook page for the festival here. As for me, I will be at two events on Friday, March 19th at the New York Public Library, 42nd Street Branch, 476 5th Avenue, South Court:

6:00 A Tribute to Regina Hayes (who is my fabulous editor, yay!)
Featuring: Sarah Dessen, Joy Peskin, Jacqueline Woodson

6:45–8:30 What it Feels Like for a Girl – Writing in a Teen Girl’s Voice
Featuring: Jessica Blank, Eireann Corrigan, Sarah Dessen, Jenny Han, Terra Elan McVoy, Siobhan Vivian, Adrienne Maria Vrettos, Jacqueline Woodson

It should all be totally fun and I’ll post a reminder as it gets closer. Plus, I might have enough time to do some shopping, which would be SO NICE. I am sick of all my clothes, as well as of myself.

Finally, I saw on GMA that they announced the new Dancing with the Stars cast, and Shannen Doherty from 90210, is among the new cast. Now, like the Bachelor, I haven’t really gotten into Dancing with the Stars, even when Jenny Garth and Ian Ziering were contestants. Brenda Walsh, though, might pull me in. We shall see. My 9er love is strong. I mean, if they got Luke Perry, no question. But Shannen is close!

Have a great evening, everyone!

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