The Friday Five!

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1. Okay, so this is probably going to not be the best blog entry, as the cold I was fighting became a full on SOMETHING last night. You know the drill: all stuffed up, feeling achy, and a fever, which came on this afternoon and is now, finally, succumbing to Tylenol. I spent the entire afternoon splayed out in bed, unable to sleep but also unable to get up, just in this weird half-awake state. Ugh. But I AM feeling better, so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be all past this. In the meantime, is anyone else, like, really hot?

2. One bonus of not being able to move from bed is I finally finished the latest from Marian Keyes, The Brightest Star in the Sky (at least I think it’s her latest: I started it so long ago there is no telling, she might have written another and published it in the interim). This was a hefty, long book, about 450 pages, and I enjoyed it, although since I read the end while feverish my opinion might be biased. Now, I’ll move onto Nick Hornby’s Juliet, Naked, which I have been looking forward to for ages. Maybe if I don’t kick this thing by tomorrow I’ll actually make serious progress.

3. I am so out of it concerning the Oscars it’s ridiculous. The awards are on Sunday, and unless I see, like, ten movies by then I will have not seen a single thing that is up for a prize. So much for my plan to see more movies in 2010. Then again, it’s only March. Maybe I’ll go on a serious tear in the Spring, with all my spare time. Snort. I will probably tune in, though, if only for Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, both of whom I adore. I am curious to see what they do as hosts, and am hoping for a Tina Fey sighting. That would just make the whole thing for me, truly. Love the Fey!

4. Why is it that when I don’t feel well, all I want to eat are carbs? Here are the things that are seriously appealing to me for dinner right now: mac and cheese, bagel with cream cheese, grilled cheese sandwich. I’m sensing a theme here. Also favorites when I’m under the weather: tomato soup, Saltine crackers, and mashed potatoes. Oh, and Pirate Booty, but I eat that regardless of how I feel. It is like my drug of choice now. Honestly. Puffed corn and…cheese. Sounds good, right?

5. Finally, before I crawl onto the couch with a sleeve of Saltines, a word about how much I appreciate you guys. The other day, I was checking my Facebook fan page when I found, like, the meanest comment ever. It was profane and low-down and just nasty, and after I read it I felt like I’d been smacked across the face. It’s hard to know what to do when things like this happen. I mean, I know I should just delete them and move on, but I’m human and it bugs me when people are mean, Plus, I don’t understand why people would take the time to become a fan of a page just to be hateful. It seems like a waste of time, and isn’t everyone busy? Anyway, I mentioned it on Twitter, and everyone was so nice, rallying to my defense. So I just wanted to say two things. First, thanks for having my back. And second, from now on, I won’t be responding to any nastiness thrown my way via comments. As one reader pointed out, rightfully, it kind of stinks that I can’t respond to all the nice stuff, but a mean thing gets a mention. Just know this: I appreciate all your comments, and do read them, every single one. And thanks.

Okay, off to recuperate. Have a good night, everyone!

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