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I know, you just don’t know WHEN to expect me these days, do you? I am full of surprises.

Anyway, when I last updated, I reported that I was fighting a “full on something,” instead of what I initially thought was a cold. Well, after an ongoing fever and having crazy chills, insane aches, and coughing up a lung, my husband finally dragged me to the doctor, who reported I had either “a mild bronchitis” or “an upper respiratory infection,” or maybe both, as they might be the same thing. I was really too sick to totally understand. Long story short, I got some antibiotics, crawled back into bed, and thanks to the help of my family and babysitters, am finally on the mend. Man, I have not been that sick in a LONG time, and definitely not since I had a child. My mom, who was over here helping at one point, looked at me splayed on the couch, coughing, while my daughter tugged at my hand telling me to “Play, Mama, play!” and sighed sympathetically. “This is one of those hard times,” she said. “It will get better.” I believe her, because she’s usually right. But oh, man. I am glad to finally be on the mend.

Which I am, sitting here with a cup of hot water and lemon and honey on a Monday morning when it is supposed to—really!—get up to seventy degrees. We shall see. The bonus of updating now, though, is that I actually got to watch some of the Oscars last night. I watched a LOT of the red carpet, which I haven’t done in ages, and actually enjoyed that just as much as the ceremony itself. Mostly this was because I was watching with my friend Dana, for whom the red carpet is like the Superbowl. She can do, like, the best commentary, with details on the dresses and styles, not to mention all the pop culture tidbits that we both know so well from Us Weekly. Meanwhile, our boys sat at the other end of the couch, rolling their eyes at our knowledge of things like how Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr. used to date, back in the day, and the rescue story of Sandra Bullock’s dog Cinnabon. I know the guys were annoyed, but I considered it MORE than fair payback for a month’s worth of cycling coverage during the Tour de France. I mean, come on. There are so few times when my knowledge of celebrity culture is relevant, and Oscar night is one of them. Give a girl her due!

Finally, I’ve been getting a few comments lately from people who ask why this blog isn’t more about my writing. Which I totally understand. It’s a blog by a writer, attached to a writer’s website. I can see why some would expect that I’d have more detail than I do about works in progress, my creative process, and the struggles or triumphs of whatever draft I’m working on. To be honest, though, that’s just not how I work. Once I finish a book, and agent likes it, and my editor likes it, then I shift into that mode. When it’s just me and the story, though, I like to keep it that way. There always comes a time when everyone has an opinion, and I’m forever grateful people care enough about my books to express them. But I have just never, not since college anyway, been able to talk about what I’m writing while I’m writing it. It just…I don’t know, takes away some of the power, the shine, and I need all of that I can get to finish and get the story where I want it. So if you’ve come here looking for more detail on the writing process and have found instead too much about TV and pop culture, I’m sorry. I know there are LOTS of authors who detail their writing chapter by chapter. I’m just not one of them. As my mom would say, different strokes for different folks. And this is mine.

Have a great day, everyone!

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