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Sometimes, the weather can be like a cure for what ails you. Today, I think that was literally true, for me anyway. Not only do I finally have my energy and ability to sleep without coughing non-stop back, but it was a GORGEOUS warm, sunny day, the kind that restores your faith in, well, everything. We went to playgroup, then to the park, where we soaked up sun, ran around, and went down the slide face-first for the first time (well, not me, but Sasha, although I was with her in spirit). There is nothing like being sick to make you appreciate every healthy day, and this one was just like a double bonus. Plus, this week I have also seen lawn chairs, sunscreen AND pool toys suddenly on display at my grocery store. And you know what that means. Summer isn’t just a wishful thought in my head anymore. It’s actually getting closer. Oh, I can’t even stand it I am so excited.

In other news, you know how much I love celebrities. So of course, I love having something in common with celebrities. And now, I do. Apparently, writing YA books is now a VERY cool thing to be doing. Not only is Lauren Conrad a best-selling author, but now Hillary Duff is getting into the act with a series for Simon and Schuster. I’m always happy for anything that brings attention to the YA market, because we all benefit. But you know, LC and Hillary will miss all the REALLY fun character building stuff about being a new YA author, and for that, I feel kind of bad for them. I mean, I am willing to bet they won’t get to experience that feeling of a signing where nobody shows up, except for your Mom and maybe some bookstore employees. They probably don’t know what it’s like to have to do all those festivals and conferences and school visits, where people have no idea where you are and are just waiting for lunch or the final bell. For them, it’s just a secondary thing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I’m kind of happy I have all those cringe-worthy stories to tell about my early days as an author. They’ve made everything that’s come recently that much more sweet and amazing, and made me that much more grateful for every one of them. Then again, I bet both LC and Hillary have had their own experiences like that, when they were starting out as entertainers. So it’s all relative, I guess.

That said, I would love to have Hillary or LC’s wardrobe. Although I have a feeling I’d stick out at playgroup. Oh, well.

Speaking of writing, several people asked if the NYC Teen Author Festival Events I wrote about earlier are open to the public. They are, and they are also free. I don’t think there’s website for the event, but there is a Facebook page here with the full schedule. I’m not able to stay for the big signing on Saturday, and for those who asked I don’t know if there will be time for signings after my panel. I’ll try to find out. When I am NOT at the festival, I hope to be either shopping or standing outside the GMA studios trying to catch a glimpse of my man Sam Champion. I know, I am a geek. Some people go to NYC to see a show or the Statue of Liberty: I go to see my GMA folks. And honestly, I can’t wait.

Have a good day, everyone!

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