Let there be (day)light….

So it’s 5:18 as I write this, but without Daylight Savings Time it’s actually 4:18. I’ve been thrown off all day, as I usually am: it normally takes me a couple of days to stop thinking in terms of what time it really is versus what the clock says and vice versa. But in the end, all the confusion is worth it, because, well, it’s SO LIGHT outside at 5:18. Which is a small comfort when I’m up at six but it’s actually five. Oh, there I go again….

Was there basketball happening this weekend? I think I heard something about basketball this weekend. I, however, am taking an approach to March Madness and this entire season that I was introduced to by the lovely Melissa Walker, a fellow YA writer and Tarheel fan, which is to put my fingers in my ears and say LALALALALALALA I can’t hear you when you talk about basketball. It works, too!

A lot of my weekend was spent waging a war against the spammers which had, like, totally taken over my Ning community, Sarah-Land. I’ve been so busy writing and chasing my daughter around that I’d kind of let it slip off my radar, but then several members let me know that the forums and blogs were being inundated with pharmacy spam and—yikes—porn. Which always is bad, but especially when it’s a site with a younger audience with my name on it. So, my assistant Parker and I wiped off our hands, took a deep breath, and charged in. We deleted and blocked and kicked people out and now things are getting back under control. Which is actually very satisfying. I’m pleased that Sarah-Land has become not only a place for people to discuss my books, but also post their own writing, and the spammers were getting in the way of that. Jerks. Anyway, we’re on it now. Right now, the community is invite only, but we’ll be opening it up again—with member approval this time—slowly over the next week or so. Spammers, beware. We are coming for you!

All this work with Sarah-land has made me wonder if maybe it’s time for a website update, and maybe adding a community of my own there that we can monitor a little better. I’ve also been thinking about moving this blog from LiveJournal (which I worry will fold at some point and I’ll lose all my content) over to my website properly, but then I’m afraid I’ll lose all the great comments you guys leave. Plus there’s the fact that I am trying to spend LESS time on all this internet stuff, not more, which is invariably what more changes would lead to. Oh, well. If anything is going to change, I promise I will warn you in advance. Don’t want anyone getting confused.

Speaking of too much internet time, I think I better push back from this laptop and go soak up that extra hour of daylight. Plus, we got a VERY cool bubble toy this weekend: I can push the button and pretend I’m on the Lawrence Welk show. And if you got that reference, you were probably born before 1980. Me too!

Have a good evening, everyone!

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