I swear I am having one of those days where everything I do, technology-wise, seems to immediately self-destruct. My new phone suddenly won’t sync with my computer (Oh, Centro, I miss you and your easy push-button Hotsync) I couldn’t get my LJ client to start, and I am scared to even attempt to clean out my DVR in fear I’ll blow it up entirely. My friend Lisa used to always say when things got wonky like this, Mercury must be in retrograde, but I don’t have time to keep up with all that stuff anymore. Instead, I have learned to take a deep breath and step back. Unless, of course, a blog entry needs writing. In which case, I soldier on. Because that is how I roll.

Of course, even the wonky stuff doesn’t stop me from adding more to my technology stuff. I guess I am a glutton for punishment. But my assistant Parker turned me on this week to flavors.me, which is a quick way to have a site with all your OTHER networking links in one place. It’s a bit of a clunky set-up (and I don’t think you can blame Mercury) but if you’re looking for a free, somewhat-easy way to have a virtual business card, this might be for you. Or, maybe you just need something to waste a bit of time on. Don’t we all?

In other news, in my last entry, a commenter took me to task for calling myself a "Tarheel" fan rather than a Tar Heels fan, implying that I wasn’t a real fan if I couldn’t get it right. I appreciate the correction, but honestly, I’ve always heard it both ways, at least here in Chapel Hill. I mean, we grew up chanting, "I’m a Tarheel born and a Tarheel bred, and when I die I’ll be a Tarheel dead." (You could also, alternately, tell another Triangle team to go to very hot place, but I’ll spare you that part.) I’d say that I’m a fan of the Tarheels, but also a Tarheel fan: I think, at least here, that the loyalty is what matters, not the specific term. But if any of YOU are big fans and know the proper usage, enlighten me. Because we are all about learning here.

Finally, this might be my last entry for the week, as on Friday I’ll be in New York attending the NYC Teen Author Festival. I’m excited about getting away, but of course torn about leaving the toddler and being away from home. It’s going to be a quick trip, though, crazy busy, so I hopefully won’t have much time to worry about what’s happening back here. (Parents reading say it with me: Yeah, right.) On this trip, I am determined to learn how to get around on the subway system, even though it gives my editor palpitations because she worries I’ll get lost underground and they’ll never find me. So here’s my question, you New Yorkers: can I trust Google Maps to tell me the proper trains to take from one place to another? Or are they undependable? If you have experience, let me know. And, um, don’t tell my editor. As far as she knows, I’m taking taxis or walking. I swear!

Have a good night, everyone!