The Friday Five! (Really!)

1. Yes, it’s Friday and I am actually updating right this very second. Although I’m going to keep it quick, because I’m here in New York and am very soon about to walk down to Times Square to try to get a glimpse of Sam Champion on GMA. So far, I’ve had such a fun time, missing home aside, AND I got some shopping done yesterday which was just, like, a great bonus. Today is lunch with my Penguin folks, then the YA Teen Author events tonight at the New York Public Library. For those of you who have asked if I’ll be able to sign books after the panel, I haven’t heard officially, but I promise if there is time I will do my best. Really! More info about the Festival is here.

2. Back at home, though, there’s a VERY cool thing going on that I want to let the local folks know about. The School of Science and Math in Durham is trying to break a world record for collecting canned food for a food drive, and there are going to be all kinds of cool events happening there tomorrow. Want more details? Go here. All food collected will go to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC, which is one of my favorite good causes. Give if you can!

3. As I said, I’m having a lot of fun here in New York. But leaving yesterday was NOT easy. My daughter is old enough to understand now when I have to take a trip, and while she did put on a brave face for most of the leaving process, there was, in the end, a breakdown and tears. I tried to keep it all cheerful and calm, until I got out to the car and at the end of the driveway, at which point I might have shed a few tears myself. Oh, dear God, this parenting thing can be tough. I did tell her I’d bring her a present, though, and she’s requested a skull and crossbones T-shirt. (I know, I know: but she has these Halloween pants from Target that she adores, and a girl does like to match.) I feel like if there is ANYWHERE I can find a skull and crossbones T-shirt for a two year old, it’s this city. So today, the hunt begins. Sniff!

4. Okay, so I just looked at my watch and I’m running way late for all I want to do. So this will be number four….

5. ….and a promise that Monday’s entry will not be so wholly lame will be number five. What can I say? Sam Champion and JuJu Chang and G-Step are only blocks away. I can’t miss the chance to see them in person, even if it’s only a glimpse. It’s almost as good as a skull and crossbones shirt!

Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!

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