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1. I just snuck back over to the house to get my phone charger. I say sneak because if my daughter sees me anytime between waking up from her nap and when the sitter leaves, she tends to want me to stick around. So I’m creeping past the back door and I glance outside. There she is, in her brand new bathing suit and her Gap baseball hat, about to go into the plastic pool we bought today. But right then, she was sharing a popsicle with her sitter Amanda, both of them smiling. If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, especially over the last few months as I’ve been complaining about the winter, you know how happy this made me. It’s eighty degrees here today, is going to stay this warm all weekend. No fooling, I am loving April so far.

2. Speaking of winter, regular readers may also remember that one of my resolutions was to finally try and lose the last of my baby weight. Although, now I’m calling it my baby weight/pancake gut, as really, I can’t blame the baby now that she’s two and a half. But I digress. Anyway, you were all very supportive, as always, which I really appreciated. I ended up joining Weight Watchers, around mid-January, but I didn’t blog about it because honestly, I was kind of embarrassed. Not that I needed Weight Watchers, but that I might not stick to it and look like a failure. But I had to do something. The truth is, when I joined and told my friends and family, I honestly thought maybe people would say, “Oh, you don’t need Weight Watchers!” But, um, instead everyone said, “Good for you!” My real come-to-Jesus moment, however—as we call it down this way—was in early January, when we were visiting my husband’s grandmother. We’d just eaten lunch, and she looked at me and said, “Sarah, have you put on weight?” I think when you are over eighty, you just say what you want to, you know? Anyway, I flushed bright red and said, “Oh, no, it’s just the way this shirt is cut.” But the truth is, it was EVERY shirt. I had this potbelly, no way around it, although I tried to dress to cover it and tell myself my dryer was just really hot and shrinking all my jeans. I’ve known several people who’d really done well with WW, so with their support and encouragement, I dragged myself off to my local branch, stepped on the scale, and set a goal. I also upped my treadmill workouts, started doing the elliptical, and basically totally changed the way I eat. The great thing about WW (and I am not a paid spokesperson, I promise) is that you eat real food, just less of it. The points system and online tracking TOTALLY appealed to my organizing gene. Still, it was not easy. But a week ago, I hit my goal, after about nine weeks. And it felt really, really good. Now, I just have to KEEP it off, which I know will be additionally challenging. I haven’t shared this, because it just seemed weird and too personal. But then I saw Jennifer Hudson on GMA this morning, talking about how WW worked for her, and I thought, well, maybe it’s time to say something. So there you have it. I was going to post before and after pics…but I’m not quite sure I want one of my big gut on here. Maybe another time?

3. You know what’s totally weird? I just spent, like, all this time writing that, and now I’m all nervous, thinking I should delete it. I mean, I’m a person who writes in this same space about how I watch Jersey Shore and read US Weekly. Clearly, I have no shame. Why is it that weight is such a (sorry) loaded topic? Entirely personal, and yet public, because when people see you, they can see if you’re struggling? Oh, God, I have no idea. I’m just going to try to keep my finger off the backspace button and keep going.

4. I’ve been getting a lot of comments lately from folks asking when I will have another book out. Apparently, over on Goodreads, there’s been some rumor that I’m releasing a new one in early May. This is news to me, and I THINK I would know if I’d written and edited a whole book. I mean, I’m forgetful, but it’s not THAT bad. The answer is that yes, I am working on something, but no, it won’t be out anytime soon. I am hoping to have a new book out next summer. I know, I know. I’m slow, especially for YA. It’s just how I am! If I rush, I panic and freak out and end up curled up in a ball under my desk with a pancake gut. And that just doesn’t work for me. As soon as I have details I can release about novel number ten (TEN!!!!) I will post them here first. That, I can promise.

5. Finally, I’ve been reading SO much about the iPad, and how it’s going to revolutionize the way we read. They were showing the e-book function on GMA this morning and I have to admit, yes, it was impressive. Just like a real book, they said. But the thing is…I like books. I like the feeling of them in my hand, ruffling pages, turning down a corner to hold my place. I think Kindles are cool, and I love all things Apple, so it seems like if I was ever going to take the jump, soon would be the time. But I just don’t know. I already spend too much time looking at a screen. I think I might need real pages, just to give my brain a rest. It’s hard to believe a device could change so much. But remember the days before iPods? I do. They were called most of my life. So I guess we’ll just have to see.

Okay, heading outside to soak up some sun now…..

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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