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1. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with such positive stories about hip replacements for me to pass onto my mom. I cut and pasted them into a big email and sent it off for her to read over and over again as the surgery approaches. I’ll keep you guys posted, and may hit you up for some good thoughts at the time. No pressure, you know, just if you feel like it and have a moment.

2. Today I had an appointment with my OBGYN. He’s a young guy, looks like he’s barely thirty, if that, and he has seven kids. Yes, you read that right. SEVEN. The oldest is 9, the youngest nine months, or something like that. (I was so distracted by the whole seven kids thing, I might have messed up the details.) I said to him, “Good God, your wife is a rock star,” and he agreed. Then the nurse said her mom had ten kids. TEN! Holy pajamas. Times like that, I think I need to just shut up about being tired, like, ever. Can you imagine what those parents would do with just one, single kid? It would be a freaking cakewalk. They’d never even break a sweat. And seriously, just try to imagine being pregnant seven or ten times. Oh, my God. I shudder to think. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girl more than anything. But seven times of those hormones, the sore back, the fatigue…well, that’s dedication. Like I said: rock stars.

3. Also today, I was at Best Buy and got to check out an iPad up close for the first time. I have to say, it’s very cool….but really doesn’t seem ALL that different from my iPod touch, just bigger with a few more bells and whistles. I still wanted to play with it, of course, but I am a Mac girl these days, total convert, so that’s not much of a shocker. I was holding a squirming toddler, though, so lingering wasn’t much of an option. I think I’ll wait to go back until they come out with the next generation, later in the spring. But really, do I NEED any more technology? No, I do not. And repeat: No, I do not. Oh, if only that worked….

4. Also at Best Buy—this entry is flowing so well!—the cashier smiled at me and said about Sasha, “She your only one?” I was tempted to say, “No, I have six more at home,” but I told the truth. I also said I wasn’t sure I’d have another, as I’m getting up there, age-wise, approaching forty and all. Now, I swear I am not just saying this, but her eyes bugged out: she was shocked. “No!” she said, as I stood there, basking in her reaction. Because really, with my fortieth now less than two months away (gulp!) I will take all the reassurance I can get. I know, I know. Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are both over forty, and I pretty much worship them. But I still can’t shake the nervousness and dread I feel about hitting this milestone. I felt the same way, sort of, at thirty, though, and my thirties have been great. So hopefully the big 4-0 will follow suit. Fair warning, though: I will probably be freaking out as the dates gets closer. Just in case you want to, you know, avoid me from late May to mid June. I figure it’ll take about three weeks to get over myself. But we’ll see.

5. Finally, a bit of a TV roundup. I hate to say it, but Project Runway just isn’t doing it for me as much this season. I don’t know what it is, if the personalities aren’t as strong, or the designs…but it’s feeling a little flat. Luckily, Top Chef Masters is returning this week, which will hopefully inspire me to cook like it did last year. (Although reconciling the recipes with Weight Watchers might be a challenge. But I am up for a challenge!) I’ve kind of gotten hooked into Dancing with the Stars, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to watch the entire thing, so I just fast forward to the dances themselves. I’ve given up on Idol, which was too much of a time suck, and am not regretting pulling the plug on Grey’s Anatomy, at least not yet. The upside of quitting Meredith et al, though, was I could add a new show: Nurse Jackie, on DVD first, DVR next. I’ve only watched a couple of episodes, but I REALLY like it. Ah, TV. I can’t quit you. I wish I could. But I can’t.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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