Thanks to all of you who sent positive thoughts to my mom for her surgery. I was a nervous wreck on Monday—however, I am usually a nervous wreck, despite the circumstances—but everything went well, and she’s now recuperating and resting comfortably. I went up to visit her today, and while I KNOW hospitals are healing places, I just feel like I’ve spent more than enough time at this particular one in the last few years. I mean, add it up: my mom got really sick before my daughter was born, then I was there having her (which was joyous, of course), then my husband had to have his busted sternum put back together, and a year later, I had my surgery gone awry and ended up there myself. Maybe this is just a part of getting older, but I hope not. No offense to you doctors or nurses or hospital folk, but I am happier when I don’t have to see you. You probably feel the same way about me, though.

In Super Great Exciting News, Glee returns tonight, and I could NOT be more pumped. I feel like it’s been months since there was a new episode, and you know what? It has been! I have tried to avoid all spoilers so it will be fresh for me. I just love, love, love that show. It is the cure for what ails me. I think that’s what I need: less hospital, more Glee. I’ll add that to my goals for my 40th year, along with, you know, being a better person, spending more time with my friends and family, and finishing my book. It’s a long list, but goals are good. Right?

Also this week, I finally made the leap: I got an iPhone. I have been a Palm girl from way back, I loved my Treo and Centro, but as an OCD kind of person I live by my calendar, and iCal and my Pre just weren’t getting along and it was stressing me out. When you’re juggling household, work, babysitting and travel schedules, you just need something that WORKS, and Apple stuff does. So, yeah. Everything has been so nuts I haven’t had much time to play with it, but I already had a bunch of apps loaded on my Touch, which have transferred over. If you can recommend any I absolutely MUST have, though, let me know. When everything calms down, I’ll add them.

Because that IS going to happen. Right? Maybe in my 40th year…..

Have a good night, everyone!

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