The Five!

1. Today is Tax Day, but it’s just not like it used to be. Remember when you used to have to go pick up your forms at the post office, and then sit down and fill them out with your calculator, then go stand in line to make SURE they were postmarked by the 15th? Well, you used to have to do all that. Now, between internet and Turbo Tax, it’s a much different ball game. It’s still not a fun thing, though, especially when you have to wrap your mind around what you owe or have already paid. Personally, I like to think that my tax money is going to all good things, like books in public and school libraries, and new playgrounds for active kids like my own, and repairing potholes and building animal shelters. That’s just MY taxpayer fantasy, of course. Yours might involve something else, like faster highways and new space shuttles. That’s the nice thing about our system. We, the people, pay for so much we can pretty much assume it’s our hard earned dough going to any and everything. Just don’t give my money for gold-plated toilets for fat cats, please. Thanks, Uncle Sam.

2. In other news, Glee came back this week, and I was NOT disappointed. Great songs, great drama and a Madonna episode in the works for next week? Shut up! I know some people were a bit bent out of shape by all the break-ups and such, but I have faith in the creators. I know you sometimes have to split stuff to have it come back together just right. I just wish that since it had been away so long, it would now be running all summer, so we wouldn’t have to go without it again. Maybe I can get my tax dollars to make THAT happen? Oh, I wish.

3. Last night, in the midst of this crazy stressful week, we escaped out to a real Adult Dinner at a Nice Restaurant Without Crayons on the Table. I felt kind of guilty, having a night out while my mom was stuck eating hospital food, but I feel guilty about everything, so whatever. I have written here about how Lantern is my favorite restaurant here in Chapel Hill, and now their chef and owner, Andrea Reusing, is nominated for a James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Southeast. Full disclosure: I worked with Andrea at the Flying Burrito, so I am a LITTLE bit biased. But I am also super proud that another Chapel Hill restaurant, Crook’s Corner, has their chef, Bill Smith, nominated in the same category. I mean, that’s two places within a block of each other (really) taking two of the five spots in the category. Add that in to my friends Matt and Sheila getting a great shout-out in the New York Times for their deli, Neal’s, and you know this is a food paradise. Yummm.. And now, I’m hungry. Oh, well.

4. I was walking to visit my mom this morning the hospital when I passed a construction site, right by the main building. There is ALWAYS construction going on on the UNC campus: it’s, like, required by law or something. Anyway, I’m walking up to the hospital, along with people on crutches, and doctors in scrubs, and people heading to various clinics, and we’re all passing this HUGE sign on the construction site that says: “You are now entering an injury-free zone.” And while I know what they mean, it’s just weird. I mean, you’re right by a hospital. I can’t think of a more injury PRONE zone. You have to admit, kind of ironic, Or kind of something.

5. This week has just been so nuts. The kind of week that I find myself entertaining that fantasy of just jumping a plane, going somewhere where the water is clear and the drinks have umbrellas, and just collapsing on a beach. If only, right? I know when things get like this it just means the universe needs you distracted so something great can be born, and I always remind myself of that when I feel at loose ends, like I do now, with dogs barking and toddlers wanting only blueberries for dinner and a thousand emails piling up in my Inbox needing my attention. Deep breaths, good thoughts. Inhale pink, exhale blue, and all that. I might not be getting to a clear blue ocean in the Bahamas anytime soon, but I’ll be at the NC coast before too long. I’ll get a shrimp burger and exhale. Soon, soon, soon…..

Have a great day, everyone!

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