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Earth Day is this week, and in honor of the occasion, they were giving away a free reusable shopping bag at Target today. I know, I know. One bag is not that big of a deal. But while I try to be as green as I can, I have to say the One Big Change I’ve made in the last few years is that I bring my own bags everywhere, and the habit started a few Earth Days ago, when Whole Foods gave me a free bag and stopped using plastic ones. For awhile, I struggled with remembering them (note to self: bag is not of much use if I am at register and it is in car trunk. And repeat) but now it’s habit, and I’m better for it. Plus, they hold SO MUCH MORE. There was nothing more annoying to me than grocery store baggers who put, like, two items per plastic bag. I’m not that weak, people! Give me some heft, I can handle it!

I really do wish I was better with the green thing, though. I mean, I recycle everything I can, do the bags, eat as much organic food as I can. We’ve upgraded our appliances to more energy friendly ones as they’ve needed replacing. My biggest vice, though: water bottles. No matter how many reusable, BPA-free ones I buy, I can’t find one that I will use as much as a plain Deer Park Bad-for-the-Earth .5 liter. And I have TRIED everything: Nalgene bottles, Kleen Kanteen, SIGGS, you name it. I’m down to just one Deer Park a day now, which I refill as needed. ( I refill a lot, because I drink water like a camel. Seriously. It’s kind of a problem, but that’s another entry.) What I need is a water bottle that is shaped EXACTLY like a plastic one, all the way down to a simple screw-on top. And this is harder to find than you would think. If you have one you like, please let me know. The earth is depending on it!

Okay, maybe not the EARTH. But I would appreciate it, at any rate.

In other news, this was a perfect weekend for ice cream, so on Saturday my daughter and I headed out to Maple View, the ice cream store that’s nearby. It was crazy busy, with a huge line—and I hate lines, and crowds, it’s a genetic thing I got from my dad—but Sasha was insisting on a cone, so we went in. We stood in line for a long time, the entire of which she had her mouth pressed to my ear, saying, “I want an ice cream cone. I want my ice cream cone.” Fun, yes? Finally, it’s our turn. I get her a cone and myself a scoop, pay and we go outside and take a seat. She takes one lick…and decides she’s done. Which leaves me with a dripping cone AND a scoop to deal with, plus a toddler who is suddenly on the move. I’m running behind her, grabbing for her hand with the same one clutching the cone, ice cream’s getting all over us…you get the picture. Finally she stops to play with this little ceramic cow sculpture and I get to catch my breath. I keep trying to give her to the cone, she’s resisting, and this group of older folks on the steps above us are watching. Finally, this man says, “You need a cup for that cone. I’ll go get you one.” I said, Oh no, please don’t bother, but he was already going inside. Meanwhile, his wife says, “Here, take this stack of napkins,” and hands a wad of them over to me. Once again, I am rescued from sloppy parenting by the kindness of strangers. The man got me my cup, I upended the cone into it, and got home before it melted completely so my husband could finish if off. Note to self: my daughter loves the IDEA of ice cream, but not the actual thing. Probably will remember that next time.

Finally, my mom is home and doing well, which is a wonderful thing. She’s got a walker she’s already mastered, her iPod filled with stuff to listen to, and everything she needs within close reach. Also, she has taught herself to text on her new phone, which has a retractable keyboard. Life has been crazy lately, but there is really nothing nuttier, to me, than receiving a text-message from my mother at 7:15 in the morning, when she’s having raisin brain and just felt like saying hello. It’s a little thing, but after this last week and all this worry, it’s actually huge. I hear that chime at that hour, and I know exactly who it is. It’s the best sound in the world.

Have a good week, everyone!

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