The Five!

1. Okay, so how GREAT was the Madonna Glee episode this week? I didn’t get to watch it until last night, but once it began I was, like, totally lost in nostalgia. That’s one of the bonuses of being a teenager when Madonna was first breaking out: I feel like I grew up with her. Also, since I am from the original MTV generation, I can remember every video for every song. So when “Like A Virgin” came on I was like, “Remember the lion?” and when they did “Borderline” I said, “Remember when she spray painted that guy’s car during the photo shoot?” My husband just looked at me, but he DOES remember. He’s from that generation too. Anyway, the only bummer about the whole thing was that because Idol ran over my DVR cut off halfway into the big finale. I was about to run to iTunes until my peeps on Twitter let me know that Fox is taking pity on all of us Glee Freaks and re-running the episode on Friday night at 9. My DVR is already set. Hooray! Maybe I’ll even wear my rubber bracelets while I watch it. Now, where did I put them?

2. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with suggestions for water bottles for me to try. I looked at a bunch of options before ordering these, and today is the first day I’ve tried them. So far, so good. They are shaped like a regular bottle and are easy to drink from. At first, there was this tinge of plastic taste, which is not good, but it’s gone now. (Either that, or I’m just used to it.) Several people sent me suggestions for good glass water bottles, so I could sidestep the whole plastic thing altogether, but honestly I am too clumsy to carry glass around with me. I just broke my glass Q-tip holder this morning on my way to the shower, and I wasn’t even trying to drink from it. Remember: safety first!

3. Those who have been reading this blog for a long time know that I used to see a LOT of movies. Like, at least once a week. Now that I have a toddler, though, any blocks of time I have to myself are spent either writing or sleeping, so movies have kind of taken a backseat. Which is why it wasn’t until last night that I finally saw the preview for the Sex and the City sequel. SQUEAL! So exciting! I was so happy to see all the girls AND Aiden. Oh, my goodness. Drama ahead. I know I have said this about many movies since my cinema drought, but I really am going to see this one in the theater, come hell or high water. Mostly because the last movie I saw in the theater, I think…was the first Sex and the City. God, is that even possible? I think it might be. Oh, so sad. Pathetic, actually.

4. I have been trying, trying, trying lately to cut back on my coffee intake. I don’t drink all that much of it, but honestly if I do more than a cup and a half, I get all jittery. And starving. Why is that? Does caffeine, like, burn up all the food you eat or something? I just don’t understand it. Making this effort difficult, though, is the fact that I really, really want a Keurig coffeemaker. Every time I see them at Bed, Bath and Beyond I have appliance lust. They’re so cute! And you can make just one cup at a time (which means when my husband starts the coffeemaker super early, and I don’t have a cup until 8 or so, I wouldn’t have to warm it up in the microwave). I know, though, that if I get one I will become totally jacked up on a daily basis. So I am resisting. For now. Give…me…strength….

5. Finally, a quick answer to a question I’ve been getting a lot lately. My UK publisher, Puffin, is releasing one of my short stories in early May as a stand-alone book, one of their Pocket Money Puffins. Anyway, there’s been some confusion about whether this is a new novel from me, so let me confirm: it is not. It is a short story that actually was already published in the US in an anthology a few years back. That said, it is one of my favorites, so I’m thrilled it’s getting a chance to reach another audience. As far as my next NEW novel, you will hear details about it here first. When I have them. Because right now, I do not. All I can say is that I am working really, really hard right now. And that I think I need a Keurig to help me.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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