The Five!

1. I swear, I have got to find a time to blog when my brain is functioning. I gave up posting in the morning, because the mornings are total chaos. But trying to do it right now, after writing for two solid hours, isn’t great either. I mean, when I’m really working, it’s like my brain runs on the treadmill and sweats HARD: the last thing I can do after is go for a power walk. See how terrible that metaphor was? Or maybe it was a simile. All right, that’s it. I’m going to have to start waking up before my entire family to do this. Which means all my entries will be about caffeine. But hopefully, they’ll make more sense than this mess I just wrote. Here’s hoping.

2. The latest Bret Michaels news is that he is stable but now suffering from hyponatremia, which is low sodium in the blood. I know all about hyponatremia, because my mom had it in the last week of my pregnancy, which led to her being hospitalized and us two floors apart, me in maternity, her the ICU. Fun times! We still don’t know what caused my mom to get it (we need Gregory House, clearly) but I know from experience, it can do crazy things to you, so I hope Bret is hanging in there and they are getting his levels back up. On a lighter note, I just keep imagining the group that must be in that waiting room down the hall from wherever he is. Are all three of his Rock of Love picks there, drinking diet Cokes and worrying? Or none of them? And if they ARE there, what are they wearing? I can only imagine. Feel better soon, Bret!

3. I have written here again and again about how much I love Glee, but this week’s episode just floored me. I mean, Kristin Chenoweth, “Beautiful,” AND a slam on the Duke Blue Devils? (If you blinked, you missed that last one. But my husband and I rewound again and again, just to make sure we hadn’t imagined it.) Someone on my Twitter pointed out that there was not enough Rachel—or hardly any, actually—which is a good point. But I do love to see Mercedes get the spotlight. I think I may have to splurge on that one on iTunes, so I can watch it whenever I want. LOVE IT!

4. Speaking of TV, a disturbing report from Google Entertainment News: Steve Carell may leave The Office after next season. What? Can this show even exist without Michael Scott? I mean, maybe they want to, but it will have to be really, really hard. (Say it with me: That’s What She Said!) I feel like they’ve been struggling a bit since the high point of Jim and Pam’s wedding, but they seem to be getting their feet under them and I am super excited about the last episodes of the season. I don’t want to think of Dunder Mifflin without Michael, though. Say it ain’t so. Please?

5. Finally, also in TV, I will drag this same dead horse (so to speak) out so I can beat it one more time. (Oh, that’s not a nice metaphor at all. Sorry.) But people, if you listen to me ever, listen now: Friday Night Lights returns to NBC NEXT Friday, May 7th, at 8pm. If you are a fan, you will be watching, I know. But if you’re not, you have a full week to get the previous season DVDs and catch up. You can even watch the final four eps from the last season on the NBC website, right here. I would like to be able to say that I will not be bothering you for the next week about the premiere but….I can’t, any more than I can say I’m actually going to get up at 5am to write better blog posts. It’s all about intent, though, right? Right?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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