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So, yes, I’m back, trying to re-enter reality after a week away. Although, to be honest, reality was never THAT far off. As much as I want the beach to be a stress-free, work-free zone, sometimes both can’t be avoided, so I did spend some time on this trip doing my daily juggle and trying to keep up with things. One thing—that was fun, but still technically work—was shooting a video for summer reading and the re-release of Along for the Ride. Wil, filmmaker extraordinaire, who made my videos for both Along for the Ride and Lock and Key, drove down mid-week and met me at our rental house. We set up his cameras, I climbed up on the rail of the house, ocean behind me, and we talked books. And reading. And beaches and summer and flip flops and shrimpburgers. Later we took a walk on the Bogue Inlet pier, where we got some VERY odd looks considering Wil was wearing this camera apparatus that makes him look like Iron Man. There’s always a lot of crazy things at the pier, though, so I guess we blended right in.

The rest of the week was spent reading by the pool, jumping in waves with my girl, and introducing my babysitter Amanda to Friday Night Lights. (Fair warning: if you work for me, and you go to the beach, you WILL get indoctrinated to the Cult of Riggins. It’s unavoidable!) I also got in some really good early morning runs—gotta love those flat beach roads—which cleared my head immensely. I needed that.

Now, I am back, with three weeks left of my thirties and a TON of work to do. I’m totally excited about my new book—and the fact that I finally got to tell you all about it—but I have a big revision to finish this week, plus some other stuff, PLUS I have to write the speech I’m giving for the commencement at the NC School of Science and Math, which is coming up. Add in a full inbox, lots of requests I can’t honor and various family commitments, and you can understand why I keep looking longingly out the window, wishing I was seeing an ocean there. But this is home, and while home can be chaotic (dogs barking! deadlines looming! NOs that need saying, no matter how hard!) it’s my chaos, and I love it.

Plus, I’ll be back at the beach before I know it. Just have to get there, get there. Literally and figuratively.

Anyway. So what did I miss? I hear Bret Michaels will be on Oprah this Wednesday (Do you think he’ll ask her to rock his world? God, I hope so.) Glee just keeps getting better and better. And watching It’s Complicated last night has got me obsessed with both John Krasinski (oops wrote Jim first, that’s my Office habit talking!) (who is great even in a small role!) and chocolate croissants (God help me.) I have friends who just moved into their FIRST HOUSE (go Cam and Court!) and another who just finished the remodel from hell that was totally worth it. My mom is getting better every day, walking with a cane and doing stairs (go Mom!) and our first tomatoes have appeared on the vine in the garden. And the Sex and the City movie will be out soon!

So much to look forward, I think I will have to pace myself. I will be trying to blog this week but until I meet this deadline I can’t make any promises. I am stocking up on coffee, chocolate and hope, the three things I always need to get done what I need to do. Will let you know how it goes. If things get rough, though, I’ll just take a deep breath, look at this, and hope the answers will follow.

Have a great night, everyone!

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