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1. Whew! What a crazy week it has been here. I’ve been working like mad, doing a ton of reading AND we had real wildlife drama. On Wednesday, all day, I kept hearing this really sad sound that I thought was a bird. My husband, however, said it was a Mama deer, calling for her baby. Talk about DEPRESSING. Bad enough to be wading through a really hard writing spell without feeling entirely codependent about your local animals. Anyway, I tried to block it out, and later that evening, my husband looks at our garden and says, “Crap, there’s a deer in there.” Not just a deer: a fawn, TINY, like the size of a puppy. A few days old, tops. It had somehow crawled UNDER the gate (which is a space of about six inches) and had been stuck in there for God knows how long. Probably as long as its mama was crying and freaking out looking for it. So my husband, God bless him, goes in with a garden stake to try and herd him out. He’s doing his best to get him to the open door, the deer is totally freaked and slamming against the fence, and eventually I had to bring out a beach towel, which he threw over him. “Don’t get bitten!” I screamed, helpfully, as he carried the bundle out into the side yard. When he put the deer down and uncovered it I thought it was dead: totally still, frozen. Yikes. But then, suddenly, it jumped to its feet and just took off running. Yay! Hopefully its mama was nearby and relieved as I felt. There are a million reasons why I love my husband, but this is now at the top of the list. He can do anything. *sniffles*

2. In other news, Glee continues to just rock my socks. How much did I LOVE Neil Patrick Harris this week? SO MUCH. Although I have to say the Artie story made me sad. But I appreciated they didn’t try to tie it up all pretty at the end. That’s a great thing about this show. It’s fun, the music’s great, but the writing is real, as well. I don’t know what I will do when it is over. Besides run out to buy the DVD of the second half of the season as soon as it’s available.

3. I can always count on my mother to give us the most unusual gifts. Last year, she sent my husband one of those Topsy-Turvy tomato planters, where you put the plant in and basically hang it upside down and it grows that way. My aunt had one, my husband admired it, and the next thing I know he’s constructing a pulley system between two trees in the backyard to try to keep the squirrels from getting to it. Me, I would have just hung it from the hook on the back deck, but I am lazy. We have a ton of tomatoes coming up in the garden already, so this is an experiment as much as anything. I’m not sure WHY, exactly, you’re supposed to grow them upside down, other than it’s unusual. But maybe there’s a purpose for it? At any rate, we now have this contraption that looks positively ghostly at night or early morning, sort of like a body hanging. Maybe it will scare the squirrels into staying away? Will keep you posted.

4. News broke earlier today that Floyd Landis, who had been fighting doping charges following his Tour de France win a few years back, has finally come clean and admitting to taking performance enhancing drugs. Not just that, but he implicated several other cyclists from his former teams in doing the same thing, including Lance Armstrong. Now, this is a little weird to me. I mean, Landis has spent years and LOTS of money fighting these charges and now he totally changes his tune? Why, I wonder? But most of all it just makes me sad, because I don’t want to believe that Lance took anything. I know, I know. I have friends who will say I am naive and everyone does it. But heroes are so rare, real heroes anyway, and during that seventh Tour, when I was really struggling with my own work, I drew a lot of inspiration from Lance. I don’t want it to be built on a lie. Say it ain’t so. Please?

5. Finally, a thank you. I know I have sounded a little crazed lately in this space, and, for those of you who follow it, my Twitter. I’ve been working really hard and under a BIT of professional pressure (just a bit! Okay, tons) and some day I hope to be able to feel comfortable enough telling you in more detail what, exactly, all of this work entailed. Suffice to say it was kind of like rolling a huge boulder up a steep mountain. That is covered in something slippery. In the rain. With someone pushing back equally hard, constantly. But (but but but!) I think I am finally over the hump, and so hopefully I can go back to my normal cheery self. Or sleep deprived, slap-happy self. Either one would be fine. You guys have been a great support, though, with your humor and sympathy and, well, presence. Knowing you are there and waiting for a book, or a blog entry, or whatever, is the best inspiration I can ask for. So thanks. Again.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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