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1. One nice thing about finishing a first draft of a new book is that I can FINALLY come up for air and look around. Of course, when I look, what I see is…well, the result of pretty much letting everything else all by the wayside for the last month or two. Such as, bills to pay and file, pantries full of food that needs to be tossed, friends I haven’t seen in forever and need to catch up with, and laundry that needs to be done. And that’s just the beginning. Today, though, I tackled something I’d been slacking on FOREVER: my website. A kind reader pointed out that I hadn’t updated it since sometime in early 2009 or something (whoops!) so I added some stuff about Along for the Ride, updated my news page, and basically tried to make it seem more current. I also updated my MySpace page blog for the first time since November. WHOOPS! The thing is, being a writer was once about, well, writing. Now there are websites to keep current, and statuses to post on Facebook, and Tweets to be Tweeted. There are emails to answer and information to get out and things to be promoted. And honestly, I love all that stuff. I am a total geek in my heart: I am right now SO PROUD of myself for editing and uploading a new PDF of my presskit that you’d think I’d found jeans on sale at Nordstrom. I try to keep this blog regular, and Tweet when I can, but on a normal day I’m lucky if I even remember to brush my hair, much less get everything else done. I guess, like so much else, it’s about finding a balance. Which, in my case, is putting the writing first, and letting the rest follow when it can. Now, I just have laundry and drawers to clean out and calls to return and and and….

2. Okay, so seriously. How great was Glee this week? Now, I’ve written here before that I just don’t really GET Lady Gaga. I think I am too old or something. She confuses me. So I went into Tuesday’s episode that was all Gaga with a bit of trepidation. Which was completely unnecessary, as it was one of the best ones yet this season. How much do I LOVE Mike O’Malley as Kurt’s Dad? He was amazing this week, so great, and I just love that relationship. It’s another thing that makes Glee so great. They do stuff that other shows just don’t even think about considering. And yes, I might have choked up a bit during his big speech defending his son to Finn. Don’t judge me!

3. Also this week was the finale of Idol, something I once would have been way invested in and possibly even blogged about. This time, I didn’t even watch. How sad is that? What happened to me and Idol? I’m not sure. It wasn’t Paula leaving, or Kara coming, or anything like that. I think it goes back to when they really started flogging those awful auditions, showing so many people singing so badly and the judges raking them over the coals. It was just…mean, and there’s enough of that in the world without me seeking it out when I’m sitting on the couch at night. So I pulled back, and found I didn’t really miss it. Still don’t. Although I am sad Simon is moving on. Maybe his new show will be worth watching. We’ll see, I guess.

4. One sign of summer officially being here: the bugs are back. Ticks, mosquitoes, weird jumping spiders…you name it, we’ve seen it. Plus, my daughter is so fair-skinned that even the tiniest bite becomes a raised, crazy welt. It’s nuts, but the alternative is dousing her with bug repellent, which makes me nervous as well. People have suggested Skin-so-Soft, and I’ve tried the totally natural stuff, but it doesn’t work that well. For now, I have invested in calamine lotion and am telling myself that pink spots are better than red bites. Which is probably not true. It’ll be a polka dot summer, either way.

5. Finally, this is Memorial Day weekend, the official beginning of summer. I wish I was going to the beach, like everyone else, but that will come soon enough. Instead, I’ll be here, making my first batch of deviled eggs for the year (hooray!) and dipping my feet in the baby pool on our back deck. Our tomatoes are coming in and there are zinnias to plant (while slapping at bugs, no doubt). Today it is almost 90 here, which means a hot summer is on the way, I think. But bugs, heat and all, it is still my favorite time of year. I hope that you all have safe, fun weekends with friends and family and fireflies and no bugbites. Happy Summer!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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