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I think that a week is the longest I’ve taken off from this blog in…well, a long time, if not ever. It wasn’t exactly my intention to abandon this space entirely. But when I first got to the beach, there was so much going on, and I was so tired, that I decided to just really try to disconnect. I put away my phone, stopped checking email. It was odd….and really, really nice. I’d check in every once in awhile to make sure I wasn’t missing anything pressing in terms of messages, but I let Twitter, Facebook and everything else I usually check obsessively fall by the wayside. It was such a nice break, I’m thinking I should try to do it when I’m here, and not just on vacation. Although it’s a bit easier to step back when you can step up to this:

Ahhh. Yeah, that was awfully nice.

Before I left, I did my commencement speech at the NC School of Science and Math. I was, basically, terrified. I mean, I had to walk out with the chancellor, and sit on the stage, and speak in front of four thousand people (!) in a cap and gown on a hot June morning. I was sweating even before the heat hit me. Anyway, it went well—I think—and when I was done, I got to stand there and shake each graduate’s hand as they came across the stage, all 305 or so of them. Whoa! It was actually really cool, though. Everyone was so happy and proud, as well they should be. And then, I got to relax for the first time in months, knowing the speech was done. Just in time for….

The big birthday. Which we celebrated, after a hectic day of packing and driving and then unpacking and hitting the pool with this, an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. (Which, I might add, I requested specifically. Yay for husbands who listen!) I had a lovely, lovely birthday, which I stretched out over the entire week. I’m still not sure I am entirely done with it, actually. There was lots of swimming—the weather was like a gift in itself, the water SO warm!—shrimpburgers from Big Oak Drive-In, US Weeklys to read by the pool, the Glee finale, and good friends coming and going all week.

Then, on Friday, we all trekked out to the beach around 6pm, where my friend Barrett, who’d gotten ordained on the internet, did a vow renewal ceremony for us. (Did he need to be ordained for this? Well, no. But it was fun making him do it anyway.) It was short and sweet, I got to be barefoot, and my daughter ran off halfway through and had to be fetched by my babysitter Amanda. Which is to say, it was perfect. Then it was back to the house for dinner and ANOTHER birthday celebration (I meant it when I said all week!). Ever wonder what forty candles looks like?

Now you know. Those are my favorite cupcakes of all time, by the way, from Cafe Carolina here in Chapel Hill. My friend Dana knows me so well!

All in all, it was a great week. Although now, I am totally behind on, well, just about everything: bills, work, emails, phone calls….ahhhh, the list goes on and on. It’s enough to make me start to feel stressed. But then I take a breath, and summon something to help me calm down. Like, say, this.

Have a great night, everyone!

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