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I know, I know. I go away for a whole week, then update three days in a row. How sick of me are you right now? Don’t worry, I’ll keep this short.

Being away from the news and internet for a full week is a great thing, but once you plunge back in…whoa. First, there’s the ongoing disaster in the Gulf, which is just to terrible to even fully comprehend. Unrest overseas, earthquakes in California, one of my state representatives caught on tape acting like a total moron…it just makes me want to pull the plug again. Or just stick my head in the sand and wait for things to improve, ostrich style. Sadly, neither of these are good options. So I guess all I can do, as Ingrid Michaelson says, is keep breathing. Done.

Besides email and the news, I’m also catching up on my DVR. I watched the Glee finale at the beach (okay, who am I kidding, I watched it multiple times) and I really, really liked it. There were a few bumpy patches this season, but every show hits those, and I honestly can’t wait to see what happens next fall. One suggestion, not that the Glee powers that be are listening: more Emma, please. I missed her in these last few shows! Especially her cute little twinsets. I WISH I could rock pearls and twinsets like she does. Maybe I’ll try in the fall.

Then, last night, my husband and I watched the first episode of Bravo’s latest reality show, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. I’m not sure how I feel about this show. On the one hand, I guess you can argue that creating art isn’t any different than creating fashion or food. But there’s just something weird to me about pitting artists against each other, and about assuming that any one panel of people can decide what’s “good” or not. Art is just so subjective. Isn’t it? My sister in law is a painter, and I have neighbors who make their living with painting and ceramics, respectively. Can you really compare, say, someone who does screenprinting with someone who works in acrylics, put them on the same playing field? I guess on this show, you can. Seems weird to me, though.

Just watch: next, they’ll make a show about aspiring authors. They’ll call it By The Book: The Next Great Novelist, and gather together twenty people or whatever in a gorgeous loft with pretty laptops and too much coffee and let them just go at it while they try to write drafts and tackle various writing exercises. Witness the drama of writer’s block as it happens! Watch pretty people turn ugly when responding to editorial letters! FEEL the drama as they rush to finish chapters and read them aloud to a judges’ panel made up of Pat Conroy, Jennifer Weiner, and, say, a critic from either the New Yorker or the NYT. There would have to be a host, someone cute and expert in writing—Meg Cabot!—and a Tim Gunn-like mentor figure, like, say, Stephen King or Anne Lamott or something. (Both of whom have written great books on writing, as well as novels of their own.) Okay, so maybe it’s far fetched. Or…..IS it? (Note to Bravo: if you like this idea, let me know. And please do a YA-themed challenge so I can guest judge!)

Oh, MAN, am I procrastinating. Can you tell I’m supposed to be working on my revision?

Have a good night, everyone!

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