The Five!

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1. Because I feel like I’ve over-updated this week, I’m going to keep this Five super short. Like almost haiku-short! Okay, maybe not that short. But short.

2. My husband promised me that his gift to me for my fortieth was going to be great. So great that it would be worth the wait of an extra week and a half or so, which is how long it took to arrive here. You know what? He was right. It’s an iPad! Oh, my goodness. I am in geek heaven. All I want to do is load it up with apps and play Scrabble and watch Glee. Which is unfortunate, because I REALLY need to be revising pretty much every chance I have a free moment. I have taken to leaving the iPad in the main house when I come over here to my office so as to be free of temptation. But I keep thinking about it. Apps! Glee! Scrabble! Oh, man. Not easy to restrain myself.

3. Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D List is back this week, and can I just say how happy I am to see her? I know she is not for everyone. She’s bawdy and rude and pretty much always inappropriate, but I love when she shows these little cracks of humanity that just break your heart. Like on the debut episode this week when she’s guesting on Law and Order: SVU and gets all nervous because she’s blowing takes. I felt so bad for her! I think I like Tori Spelling for the same reason. Famous people who aren’t afraid to show that they are REAL…it’s a good thing. Because it’s not like the rest of us aren’t real too. Like my boyfriend (sort of) Ben Lee says, we’re all in this together.

4. It’s been hot as blazes here, humid like a sponge. Hello, summer! My parents decamped to Cape Cod, as they do every time this year. They’ll come back in August, when weather like today’s is winding down. I have to say, though, I can handle the heat and humidity, but I feel like the bugs are really out in force this year. I have bites all over me, and I’m so paranoid about ticks that I am convinced every single thing I feel is one crawling across my skin. ICK! I got some great suggestions here last time I wrote about the bug issue, one of which was to tuck a dryer sheet in my pocket. The person who suggested it SWORE it kept them away. Which begs the question, which is worse? Itchy bites, or looking like you forgot to pull your Bounce out when you folded the laundry? I think I’d go with the latter. *scratches*

5. I just looked back over this and realized it’s not really short at all. Now you know why all my books are getting progressively LONGER and LONGER. Brevity is not my thing, clearly, as I am reminded daily now as I work my way through my draft, revising. I have to say, though, that after MONTHS of writing, some of which were really, really brutal, there’s a certain peace in revising. Like I’m walking instead of running. Or walking instead of climbing up a hill, with a backpack full of boulders, with someone pushing me down from above, which is what the first draft of this book felt like. The other day, I went out to the garden to check on my zinnias, which I’d planted a while back. They’d sprouted, but needed to be thinned. My husband is the plant expert, so I asked him the best way to do it, and he said, “Just pull the little ones and make sure there’s space between the others.” I said I felt bad pulling up perfectly good sprouts, and he said, “Yeah, but, if you leave then like they are, none of them will do well. Sacrifice a few and the rest will be better for it.” Which, really, is just like revising. It’s hard to cut, and prune, and “kill your darlings,” as the famous quote says. But in the end, it’s the best thing for the story. Even if it is hard to see all those little pieces go.

Okay, back to my iPad. Apps! Glee! Scrabble!

Have a great day, everyone!

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