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1. Whew! It is really, really hot here today. By 10am it was 87 degrees. Watch out! And it’s a sneaky heat, especially in the morning. My daughter and I went out to check on the garden at about 8:15, and I’m thinking, oh, it’s a little steamy but not too bad. Ten minutes later, I’m dripping sweat, even though it doesn’t feel that bad out yet. Then my husband comes home at noon and goes on a five mile run, even as I am shouting things like, “Danger! Heat stroke! Heat exhaustion!” at him as he leaves. He survived, but I am NOT allowing him to do that again. What is it with some people? I can’t tell you how many times I have had to say, “I know you’re a carpenter, but that doesn’t make you a superhero!” He, however, is unconvinced. This heat, though, is no joke. You don’t mess around with it.

2. Thanks to everyone for the movie recommendations. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who is watching more shows on DVD than movies these days. I added The Tudors to my Netflix list, because I have loved Jonathan Rhys-Meyers since Bend It Like Beckham (one of my favorite movies EVER!). I also added some fun chick flicks for when I am done with this revision (ever?) and have free time in the afternoons. I would love to make up some microwave popcorn and have my own film festival….if I was not plagued with guilt about it. Truth is, my brain is programmed to be in Mommy mode in the mornings, and work mode the afternoons. If I deviate, I know it, and there is always work to be done. I need to figure out how to make watching movies PART of my work. Huh. Might be possible…..

3. Speaking of guilt, I just saw a family of deer walk across our yard: Mama, Bambi (so cute, little white spots!) and then a male, with tiny horns. It’s like Deer Central here, twenty four/seven. They are not afraid of us as much as inconvenienced: you literally have to yell at them to get out of your way, as they like to take their time crossing the street. I think the deer have been annoyed with us, though, since we put in our fence that keeps them from the garden. All those vegetables, just out to reach! Since we don’t really compost, I’ve taken to dumping my fruit and vegetable waste in the side yard as a sort of detente-like offering. They LOVE it, especially the watermelon. In fact, the other day, we threw out a bunch of rinds and hadn’t even gotten back in the house before a deer emerged from the woods and started chowing down. If you throw it, they will come. But then again, they come anyway. Forget coming, actually. They’re just HERE.

4. Today, I bought a new pack of pens. It’s a little sick how happy this made me. I have always been a school and office supply nerd, and I love pens. I’ve had favorite pens the way other people have boyfriends. I was a fan of the Papermate ball point in high school and college, as well as my waitressing years, when you don’t want to use a nice pen because undoubtedly someone will need to borrow it and pocket it instead. Then I got into Pilot Vballs when I was teaching, followed by a bit of a fling with the Zebra Jimnie Gel. Now, though, as a mature adult, I am all about the Uniball Gel Grip, with cap, although I like the retractable as well. I now have ten new ones and I can’t stop messing with them. So excited! My favorite pen, though, stays in my office: it’s a Montblanc ballpoint that all the girls I worked with at the Burrito chipped in to buy me when I left to teach at UNC. I treasure it and always use it for the most important occasions, like revising and paying my taxes. Okay, I’m a nerd. But there are worse things!

5. Finally, I know it’s only June 24th, but already I’m starting to think the summer is going too fast. I mean, it’ll be July next week! And then it flies past, and we’re into August, which means the summer is winding down, and next thing I know I’m putting on a sweater again. Say it isn’t so! I wish, wish, WISH I knew a way to slow time down, just let it drag out a bit more. But I guess you can’t. Life is busy, and business makes things go quickly. Maybe if I weed down my schedule, and do less, the days will feel longer. Although, honestly, I already get up at 5:20 most days. How can a day that starts that early go so quickly? I just need to savor this time, even the heat, while it lasts. And lasts. And lasts….

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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