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I can’t believe it’s almost the end of June. What happened? You turn 40 and suddenly time starts flying? Or…maybe I’ve just been really busy. Think I’ll go with that.

Things have been nuts lately. I’m working on the revision of WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE while planning to leave for a family vacation, which means extra errands and To Do list items and everything else. This week we head up to Cape Cod, which I’m totally pumped about, to see my extended (i.e. HUGE) family and spend some quality time in one of my favorite places in the world. Don’t get me wrong, you know I love the NC coast. But I grew up spending summers at the Cape, and have people I love there that I only see for about a week every year. Next week. So I’m excited. Even if it means taking my toddler on a plane ride, which she’s only done twice before, both times also to Massachusetts.

I am trying to prepare everything I will need. Not that I am sure what all that entails. Absolutely necessary: snacks, Little Bear and Oswald episodes to watch, extra diapers and possibly a sedative. (For me, not Sasha.) After a few hours of cars, planes, rental bus shuttles and more cars, we’ll be there, and I can relax. Or sort of relax. Now, though, my biggest issue is how to explain to my daughter she can’t take the huge stuffed giraffe that is her favorite comfort object. Can a stuffed animal count as as carry-on? I might find out.

We did have some downtime this weekend, which was nice. We had friends over last night for Mexican food (yay, Fiesta Grill!) and watched a preview of The Tour, which is starting next week as well. After an hour of Lance and Alberto, I convinced everyone to let me put in New Moon, which I hadn’t seen yet. And while it was ON, I can’t say now that I’ve really seen it either, as I watched it with people having conversations all around me and a multitude of distractions. I think I need to watch it again to get the actual story and dialog specifics, not that I know when I’ll have time to do that. The truth is, I’m kind of over the vampire thing. I know, I know. It’s not a popular thing to say. But it’s never been my thing and now I feel like the fanged ones are everywhere. I didn’t read New Moon yet—I read Twilight, then got bogged down other things on my To Read stack—but maybe I should, and then I’ll get what all the fuss is about? Especially with the next movie coming out this week. I think. See what I mean about being out of the loop? It’s just plain sad.

Here’s one thing I did come away from the movie retaining: Jacob with long hair, dislike. Jacob with short hair….much better. But just based on the first movie, I’m still and Edward girl. If I am anyone’s girl. No, scratch that. By forty, you are your own WOMAN, or you’re in trouble.

Finally, I can’t stop shopping for iPhone cases. It’s a sickness. It’s like I want to find the PERFECT one: right color, right material, right amount of protection. I used to buy clothes: now I buy phone accessories. Good god, what has happened to me? Right now, I am rocking a green Otterbox Commuter (tough but kind of bulky) but I have my eye on an Incipio lavender number with a plastic removable shell. I guess there are worse things to obsess about. I mean, I’ve been watching The OCD Project on VH1 and in the scheme of things, phone cases are pretty low down on the spectrum. But still, it’s just a case. And a purse is just a purse, and shoes are just shoes. Right?


Have a good evening, everyone!

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