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1. So we’re back, after a wild and wonderful week in Cape Cod with my extended family. Whew! The trip began with a four hour delay at the airport due to “maintenance issues” which did not EXACTLY give me a lot of faith in the plane when we finally got on it. However, after chasing my daughter up and down the terminal for hours, I was willing to take my chances. Then it was rental car, drive to the Cape, and finally, we were there. We had a really fun week playing with cousins, and eating lots of good food, swimming in the water that was REALLY warm for Massachusetts (global warming?) and getting to experience 90 degree weather without air conditioning. Old school! The trip back was less eventful (although we still had a maintenance delay: what’s up with that, American Eagle? Are all your planes in bad shape?) but still LOOONG, but at the end, the dogs were here waiting, so it was all good. I love my family, and I love Cape Cod. But sleeping in my own bed last night was REALLY nice. Ahhhh.

2. Know what else was really nice? That Friday Night Lights got some Emmy love!!! HOORAY! It was like a wish come true: Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler both got nominated. Finally! I know, I know, you are sick of me talking about this show but those of you that I HAVE converted (and I know you’re out there!) will agree they deserved to be noticed years ago. How much of a geek am I that hearing about this made what was a not so great day yesterday SO much better? Yeah. That much of one.

3. One of the funny things about being at the Cape is that the houses are so old, have been in our family forever, but we’re all so modern. We all were walking around with our cell phones, texting to keep up with who was where and what was going on. (When you are vacationing with about fifty other people, strung across ten houses, there’s always something happening. Factor in a pack of kids from age 8-14, and drama ensues. Always!) My husband is loving his iPhone, but has not quite mastered the auto-correct feature on the texting, which means he sends texts sometimes that the keyboard has fixed that make NO sense. Example: the other day, I was looking for him and my daughter and sent a text asking where he was. His response: Livid. I was like, WHAT? Then a beep, and the correction: Lucy’s. Oh, right. Whew! Gotta love technology.

4. It’s so lovely to be home with my dogs….even if they are holding a grudge. This is typical. They are so happy to see us when we return, going crazy running around, but then once they are certain we are really back, it’s the cold shoulder. You know the drill. They’ll get on the couch with me, but leave some space between us. Walk by to be petted, but not LOOK at me when I do it. In time, though, they always come around. Maybe I’ll buy some Snausages to move the process along.

5. Now that I am back, there’s a TON of catching up to do. I mean, I haven’t even watched The Tour de France yet! (No Versus where we were. My husband was DYING!) Plus I am super behind on my celebrity gossip (what’s up with Lilo?) and my TV (Top Chef! Housewives! OCD Project! Oh, my!) I have to say, though, for all the chaos of a family vacation, I had some really lovely moments. Most of them involved hanging out with my younger cousins, and remembering when they were Sasha’s age, still babies practically, and now we’re talking about books and school and life in general. I mean, my cousin Emma is a John Green fan, and she hasn’t read Looking for Alaska! What kind of cousin am I to allow such an oversight? I will be remedying that shortly. And if you think I didn’t drop the fact that I, you know, kind of KNOW John Green, you give me more credit than I deserve. Home, though…it’s nice. Even with my kid running around, the dogs barking, the inbox full. I love many places, but this is one is mine. Ahhhhh.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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