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I got back from vacation on Thursday night, but to be honest, I’m still playing catch up. This is mostly my fault. I basically ignored my work inbox like an ex-boyfriend for the last couple of weeks, and now I have to pay the price. Plus, since I have only a couple of weeks before I go back into revision mode, I decided I have to do all my mid-summer cleaning/organizing/throwing out of crap now. My household has been warned: if you sit in one place for too long, you will either be kept, tossed, or given away. On the up side, I’m finding all kinds of fun things I’d forgotten I even had. Which does NOT help with the overall clutter issue, but oh, well.

Another thing I’m trying to catch up on is The Tour de France, which I normally watch from day one, the Prologue. We used to always be really on top of it, watching every single day, but due to a lack of Versus in Cape Cod and general slackness we have dropped off. Cleaning today, though, I found a bunch of LIVESTRONG bracelets from 2007 in the back of a junk drawer. A lot has changed since then, for me and for Lance Armstrong. But I still want to believe in him, in miracles. I don’t know about you, but there’s been a lot going on in my life lately, things I won’t go into here that are happening to people I love that make me sad and worry me. I kept thinking today that life didn’t used to be this hard, and complicated, that when something scary or awful happened it was rare, not expected, and not often accompanied by other bad things right on its heels. But maybe I was just younger, and not aware of it, or something. The tendency is to stick my head in the sand like an ostrich, and just pray for things to get better. But you have to go on, right? You build up, break down. Collect things, throw them out. Climb a mountain, go down the other side.

*reads back over entry*

Whoa. How did I go from junk drawer cleaning to THAT? This is what happens when you spend all day in organizing mode. Or at least, what happens to me. I can’t do anything without getting introspective. Not even go to Target. It’s a sickness!

Okay, time to push back from the computer, put DOWN the garbage/thrift shop bags I’ve been dragging around in my wake all day, and spend some time with good friends. And eat bruschetta and pull for my boy Lance. Vive le tour!

Have a great night, everyone.

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