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1. Here’s a question: how many is TOO many stuffed animals? I haven’t actually taken a formal count of my daughter’s collection, mostly because I am scared of the actual number. Uglidolls, Olivia, The Gabba Friends, Bernard the huge dog and George, the giraffe…these are only the top tier. There are so many others, cluttering the bed, her room, our lives. And yet, every time I sneak up there when she’s out with my husband and cull a few from the group, putting them aside in a grocery bag and into a holding area before the thrift shop, she notices. Always! “Where’s my blue mouse?” she’ll ask, a day or so later. “What happened to my purple duck?” Then a total fit as she mourns them until I capitulate and pull them out. I fear that we’ll be like those hoarders who die by collected papers falling on them, only we’ll go down under a mountain of plush. Hopefully not.

2. Here’s a sign you know you watch too much Bravo TV. When I heard the news that Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin were reunited and engaged, my first thought was, “What about Kathy, though?” As in Griffin, who was Levi’s faux-girlfriend on a few eps back of the D-List. Oh, I clearly need to get out more. If only I can get past the stuffed animals to the door.

3. I’ve said here before that I have little time to read, or at least not as much time as I’d like. I’ve been working my way through One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell for months and several trips, and still haven’t finished. Embarrassing, I know. Audiobooks, however, are a different matter altogether. You know I love my memoirs, so recent reads (which is to say listens) are Carol Burnett’s This Time Together (love her!) and the Oprah biography by Kitty Kelley (which I abandoned halfway through out of pure disgust with myself for buying it in the first place. Forgive me, O!). Now I’ve moved on to Portrait of An Addict As A Young Man by Bill Clegg, which is shattering and so compelling I want to drive around all day listening to it. Next up: Lips Unsealed, by Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Gos. YES! It’s so weird. I’ve tried listening to fiction in the car but I just can’t do it, for some reason. So I’m all about the bios. I am learning a LOT. Is is worthwhile information? Well….maybe not. But still: learning.

4. We’re getting some touch-up painting done in our garage and my office right now, and the other day my painter commented to me about the How to Deal poster I have. He said he’d been under the impression I was an editor, not a writer (not sure how he got that idea) and was really excited to Netflix the movie because he loves chick flicks. This is my painter Minrique, tattooed Xbox gamer extraordinaire. How much do I love that he is unabashed in his love for girly movies? SO MUCH. I told him I hoped he liked it, that I thought How to Deal was really cute. He’ll let me know. I’m still tickled about it.

5. Finally, I’m heading out of town again next week for a little while, so blogging may be interrupted. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Again? Don’t you LIKE being at home?” Or maybe that’s just my husband I hear. Truthfully, though, I am taking off a lot this summer. Mostly because the fall, winter and spring were taken up with writing, and writing, and family stuff, and more writing, and I went to NCTE in November and then stayed put until early May. I’m not someone who needs to go on exotic trips, jet around the world. I love where I live. But in the summer, I want to be at the beach as much as possible. It’s peaceful and calming and I can just breathe and so that’s what I’m doing. We’ll pack up our car and head down and just….be. Hopefully. With about five stuffed animals. What, you think we’d actually leave them behind?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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