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1. I am seriously multitasking as I write this entry. I’m on hold Apple Support Chat, which is supposedly going to help me in 9 minutes. Meanwhile I’m also trying to solve my problem (my calendars no longer sync with Mobile Me, rendering it pretty much useless) by trolling the forums and trying a few things on my own. And then there’s this blog thing. It’s just…indicative, I think, of how my life has gotten lately. I can no longer seem to do ANY one thing all by itself: I have to double, or triple up. Partly I guess this is because life is busy. Everyone’s is, right? And with technology today, we CAN multitask, so why wouldn’t we? Still, I have a feeling I’m losing my focus, that my attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Really, all I have left that are sole activities are sleeping and reading, which is why I’ve decided I HAVE to start making more time for books. Real books, not e-books or book excerpts or audio books. I recently bought both One Day, which I hear is great, as well as This Is Where I Leave You. And I am loving Jennifer Weiner’s latest, Fly Away Home. I’ve never been able to get into yoga (too jumpy) but books serve the closest purpose for me. They make me stop and just BE, and allow me to stay in one place while going a million others. I think in this fast world I’ve forgotten that. Hopefully, starting now, I’ll begin to remember.

2. Last night, we watched Hot Tub Time Machine. How much did I love this movie? I think it helped that my husband and I were in high school in the 80’s, and therefore got most of the jokes that younger folks might have missed, like the reference to the crazy paper boy in Better Off Dead and John Cusack rocking the same long duster coat style he did in Say Anything. Score! Yes, parts of it were gross and offensive. But so were the eighties, I have to say. John Cusack, though, has aged SO well I wonder what his secret is. Facials? A good diet? Sharp camera angles? Whatever it is, I want in. He’s only four years older than me AND we were both born in Evanston, IL in the month of June. (Thanks, IMDB!) I think this means we have a connection. At least enough of one for him to share what line of skin products he prefers.

3. I am such a moron. Waited for Apple Chat for 19 minutes, was on with this really nice guy Thomas M., who was getting to the bottom of the problem and then….I accidentally shut the chat window, because I was freaking MULTITASKING instead of FOCUSING on what I was DOING. It serves me right. Loser, the universe says, pointing a finger. Sigh. Oh, well.

4. Tonight, I have the first of what I hope will be MANY dinner and movie nights out with two of my best girlfriends. We are going for Mexican food and then either Toy Story or Inception. I swore back on January 1st I would see four movies in the theater this year. It’s almost August and how many can I claim? Yep. NONE. We are hoping to do this at least once a month and I am beyond excited. I might even have to wear mascara AND splurge for popcorn. Watch out!

5. One reason I’m looking forward to a night out is that my daughter, who will be three in about a month, has finally discovered the power of temper tantrums. She’s pretty good all day, cheerful and enjoyable, save the occasional meltdown. Then, though, around 5pm, right as the babysitter leaves, she turns into this crazy, irritable little creature. There is a lot of “NO!” and high-decibel whining. The other night, there was throwing of dinosaur magnets that resulted in no Oswald before bed, which caused even more screaming and crying. I’ve read somewhere that some inner chemical in our brain dips at around five, and I can remember when she was a baby that I always felt this crazy panic at the same time, worrying about the night ahead. I called it the Five o’Clock Freakout, and maybe she’s just having her own. Whatever the reason, dinner lately has been, as my friend Lee Smith would say, fraught. I am hoping things will get better, even as my friends with older kids smile sympathetically and shake their heads, saying, “Not for awhile, I’m afraid.” Oh, dear. Give me strength. Or a good book.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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