The Five!

1. We are still counting down here to the Great Disruption, when we move across town while our floors get refinished. This project is really stressful on many levels, so it, like anything stressful, is shining a light on all the lovely differences between myself and my husband. Like our approach to how the house looks. Me, I’m like, if it’s not totally awful to look at, we’re okay. Him, it’s all about upkeep and neatness. (I’d like to point out that the only thing I am truly perfectionistic about is my writing: there, I always am trying to do better and am never happy. Housekeeping, not so much.) Anyway, so we have to move everything off the hardwood floors: I get that. But now he says we have to empty out the closets, too, because they have hardwood in them as well. I’m like, “But nobody will see that! And nobody’s been walking on them anyway!” He just sighs like I am the biggest slob in history. “It will look bad,” he tells me, as if someone is going to be crawling into the closet with a flashlight to see if there is a difference. Maybe so, but it’s probably going to be him. Sigh. I know I will be happy and pleased when this is all done. But for now: ARRRRRAGUGH.

2. In other news, I’m so addicted to my Real Housewives. They have become KEY to my workout schedule. All the magazines say if you make a date to work out with someone, you’re more likely to do it: it helps with discipline, and not rolling over to go back to sleep when the alarm goes off. So I see these ladies from NY, NJ and DC as, you know, my workout partners. I don’t let myself watch UNLESS I am running or on the elliptical. Plus, my husband is still sleeping (or examining the closet) so he doesn’t have to watch them. Everyone wins! Except for humanity in general, which would, I know, be better off without any of these shows. Oh, well.

3. The first movie night out with my girlfriends went so well—Mexican food and Toy Story 3!—that I am pumped for the next one, which is fast approaching. We talked about seeing The Kids Are Alright (which I hear is great) but there’s also Eat, Pray, Love coming out this week. Tough choice. I liked Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, and love Julia Roberts. Plus I hear there is a lot of pizza eating in this movie. Who doesn’t love that? If any of you go see the Julia movie this weekend, let me know if it’s worth seeing right away or waiting for DVD. Now, to what WE will eat. Mexican was pretty good…..

4. Chapel Hill is SO dead right now. I mean, like a ghost town dead. We were driving this morning on the highway at 9am, when it’s usually still dying down from rush hour, and we one of, like, only three cars. I said to Sasha, “Everyone’s gone!” and she said, “Oh, no! Where did they go?” Oops. Didn’t mean to alarm her. I told her they were at the beach, which she understood and could relate to. I think it’s true, though. There’s always this emptiness right about now, as everyone takes their last trips before the public schools and then UNC start. I expect to see a tumbleweed roll past at any minute. On the upside, you can always find a parking space. Nice!

5. Finally, an update: I wrote here a few weeks back about how we were going to try and start NOT crating our crazy dogs when we left the house. Well, so far it’s been…okay, actually. They’ve done great while we’ve been gone—no chewing, or ripping things up, or accidents on the floors. It’s getting OUT the door that remains a problem. Right now I have it down to a three step process. First, I sneak my purse, the diaper bag, and whatever else we’ll need to the back door in phases, so as not to be obvious. Then, I put on our shoes super fast, and go there with Sasha, securing the gate behind us. Dogs immediately run up and start barking hysterically and attacking each other, at which time we open a bag of dog treats, give one to Monkey, and toss the other far into the living room for Coco, who is the primary barker. Then we bolt out the door before they come back. I know. Caesar Milan would not approve, and we still have the crates out for the time being. But soon, soon, I will get my dining room back. After, you know, the Great Disruption.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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