Quick blog post, live from chaos: husband, toddler and two dogs are all now set up at house in town for the week while floors get refinished. Today has been nuts. We had to pack up for a week away, then get all furniture out. Dogs freaked, following us everywhere, while toddler endeavored to “help,” which basically meant taking all her toys and dumping them in the driveway. Yikes! But we are here now, and madness subsided quickly when I realized I could order Pepper’s Pizza (best in Chapel Hill) delivered by Tarheel Takeout. SCORE! There is no delivery out where we are. If you order a pizza, you go get it. Here, it came right to the door! And the grocery store is, like, a block away instead of twenty minutes. My mind is blown. Seriously. I could walk to Whole Foods! Okay, I’ll stop now.

I do miss the country, though, already. I’m not used to living in a house with constant traffic passing by—and neither are my dogs, who bark at everything they see. Plus, having such close neighbors is also weird. Eeek! But it is just for a few days. Then we go home, and everything will look so good. Hopefully.

Sorry if this entry seems a bit rushed, but I’m feeling incredibly scattered right now. If you’re craving organization, though, you should totally click over to my friend Geralin’s blog, where I did a guest post about how to get ready to write a novel, which basically says, you know, that doing so is somewhat impossible. But I offered the advice I could. Geralin is a professional organizer who appears on A&E’s Hoarders, and a dear friend of mine from college. I want to have to her come and, like, organize my entire life. Maybe next week?

Have a good night, everyone!

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