The Five!

1. Some people thrive on drama. My husband, I think, thrives on remodeling and the attendant chaos. Not even a full week after The Great Disruption, he’s got people in here tearing up our laundry room and removing the water heaters. I came home yesterday with toddler, groceries, etc, and he informs me, cheerfully, “No water for a few hours!” Oh, good. Meanwhile, our painter is inside, doing the baseboards, so the furniture we just put back is all pushed into the center of the rooms. Dogs barking, people coming and going, strange cell phones ringing. Factor in babysitters and the UPS man and you understand why I was kind of bugging out. More and more, though, I’m realizing I just have to roll with it. At least it’s not boring, right?

2. Also not boring: the kerfuffle going on over on Twitter about the attention chick lit (a term I’m not crazy about, but my work is often characterized as) gets versus more “literary” books, such as Jonathan Franzen’s latest, which has already been reviewed twice by the New York Times (both raves, I believe). Now, I’ve been too distracted with the chaos around here to get fully caught up, but there’s a great summary of what’s been going on here. I’m a fan of both Franzen AND Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Weiner, and as I’ve read Jennifer’s blog for years I know this is something that’s bothered her for a long time, how women writers often don’ t get the respect of their male counterparts. She’s going to be on NPR tomorrow talking about all this and I will be listening, for sure. One thing about Jennifer Weiner: she doesn’t mince words. I admire her for that, and a lot of other reasons, as well.

3. My husband’s been tied up with work stuff the last couple of days, so you know what that means: I get to watch stuff he would NEVER tolerate. Hence, last night I watched two episodes of MTV’s If You Really Knew Me in a row. Whoa. I’ve seen something (on Oprah, maybe?) about the Challenge Day program, but this show is intense. It’s great to see people open up and be honest, stepping outside of themselves. I just hope, hope, that the effects actually last, and it’s not just a day’s worth. Think they’ll do a follow up show, maybe, to let us know? I want to think lessons like that stick. Fingers crossed.

4. Another reason to love Twitter, other than kerfuffles: you find people who are just as geeky about stuff as you are. Last night I tweeted about my new colander from Bed, Bath and Beyond, which I am totally obsessed with and will probably buy for everyone I know for the holidays. I was so pumped I put up a link and heard back from many people who had the same one! And loved it as well! Twitter: Empowering Your Inner Geek since, well, a year ago or so. (And if you are a kitchen gadget nerd, check it out: here.)

5. I’ve basically eaten my way through the summer, starting with beach food (one word: shrimpburgers), then Cape Cod food (clams!) followed by more beach, then in-town takeout. Thanks to my friend Courtney, I have also developed an addiction to smoked almonds, which I CANNOT STOP EATING GOD HELP ME. But it’s the end of the summer, time to get healthy, give all this up. And then what happens? A Krispy Kreme store opens in Chapel Hill! Right on Franklin Street! And they’re serving HOT donuts! I mean, come on. What am I supposed to do? I think a visit will be in order, if only to, you know, welcome the store to my hometown. It’s the least I can do, really. Almost required. To do otherwise would be rude….

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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